11:19 am[identity profile] loverazor.livejournal.com

A Christmas wreath for my door :)

04:05 pm[identity profile] shadowshow.livejournal.com

Altering Boots

06:33 pm[identity profile] espoirperdu.livejournal.com

Help finding supplies......FOUND

07:47 pm[identity profile] jaeliyah.livejournal.com

Possibly/Probably weird question

11:37 pm[identity profile] yuhop.livejournal.com

Dry gourd VI. Acrylic. Octopi.

01:04 am[identity profile] noxika.livejournal.com

BBC Sherlock Moriarty Plushie.

10:27 am[identity profile] exousia.livejournal.com

(no subject)

12:19 pm[identity profile] madame-ugly.livejournal.com

Is it a sock monkey? Is it a painting? It's a painting of a sock monkey!

02:34 pm[identity profile] july17-hm.livejournal.com

Wooden horse

03:18 pm[identity profile] lindapendant.livejournal.com

(no subject)

03:36 pm[identity profile] ibinitch.livejournal.com

Sewing machine advice

05:03 pm[identity profile] tea-soaked.livejournal.com

T-shirt Shopping Bag

06:08 pm[identity profile] i-said-goddamn.livejournal.com

hi i make vectors

08:30 pm[identity profile] fur-seal-007.livejournal.com

Just some of my jewelry work :)

08:42 am[identity profile] melligator.livejournal.com

(no subject)

01:45 pm[identity profile] trelali.livejournal.com

Christmas knitting!

03:45 pm[identity profile] chickenlime.livejournal.com

Dear craftgrrl

03:57 pm[identity profile] sillyfaery.livejournal.com

Tis the season...

07:51 pm[identity profile] enjirux.livejournal.com

Apron Advice

12:05 am[identity profile] crimsonsparkles.livejournal.com

Ribbon Rack?

04:18 pm[identity profile] enjirux.livejournal.com

Advent wreath

02:29 am[identity profile] webmyrcury.livejournal.com

...a double take. You'll do one...

09:55 am[identity profile] inna68.livejournal.com

(no subject)

08:30 pm[identity profile] genagirl.livejournal.com

Book Frames

10:02 pm[identity profile] funnthsun18.livejournal.com

sewing help

10:59 pm[identity profile] ibinitch.livejournal.com

some of my projects

01:41 pm[identity profile] soragakure.livejournal.com

Starbucks, Hula, Hetalia, Oh My!

03:15 pm[identity profile] jerricajaneen.livejournal.com

Lots of Creative Goodies!

03:23 pm[identity profile] lolz.livejournal.com

(no subject)

03:55 pm[identity profile] nyxchyld.livejournal.com

Felt Owl Ornaments

08:20 pm[identity profile] grygon.livejournal.com

Felting again

08:05 am[identity profile] candyce.livejournal.com

Glue Question

12:36 pm[identity profile] arrien.livejournal.com

wrap pants

04:36 pm[identity profile] goldenblackbird.livejournal.com

Sewing machine help?

10:34 pm[identity profile] rooftopscandal.livejournal.com

Earflap Hat

08:20 am[identity profile] jerricajaneen.livejournal.com

White Ear Muffs

08:28 am[identity profile] jerricajaneen.livejournal.com

White Striped Cardigan

07:33 am[identity profile] aeramel.livejournal.com

Sock Bunny Prototype

10:48 am[identity profile] arrien.livejournal.com

mural painting is crafty, right?

10:55 am[identity profile] eat-brains.livejournal.com

(no subject)

11:16 am[identity profile] kathy-kostinsky.livejournal.com

New Bead Weaving Cartooned Tutorial

11:51 am[identity profile] miss-sky1.livejournal.com

(no subject)

12:19 pm[identity profile] fur-seal-007.livejournal.com

Just some of my jewelry work :) NEXT WORK

01:40 pm[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/jamaika_/

(no subject)

05:26 pm[identity profile] ldhenson.livejournal.com

Inception Paper Sculpture III

06:41 pm[identity profile] talkproof.livejournal.com

Hello :)

09:13 pm[identity profile] sarahk-2009.livejournal.com

Sewing Machine

12:08 am[identity profile] crimson-flygon.livejournal.com

First post... :o

12:09 pm[identity profile] smashblocked.livejournal.com

Quadruple Layer Crochet Posies

01:13 pm[identity profile] stolenmilkcrate.livejournal.com

(no subject)

07:32 pm[identity profile] smeddley.livejournal.com

I think I've finally gone as small as I'm going to...

06:39 am[identity profile] amyhtrapp.livejournal.com

Help? :)

08:52 am[identity profile] karyn-rocks.livejournal.com

Dirty Martini Candles

09:49 am[personal profile] grammardog


12:56 pm[identity profile] ldhenson.livejournal.com

Paper Wonderland

02:38 pm[identity profile] madfishmonger.livejournal.com

Question: paint removal from metal

03:47 pm[identity profile] missrandie.livejournal.com

Boring dingy white walls!

08:03 pm[identity profile] inna68.livejournal.com

(no subject)

09:17 pm[identity profile] issirk.livejournal.com

Any ideas?

10:08 am[identity profile] lindapendant.livejournal.com

(no subject)

01:38 pm[identity profile] sarahrose.livejournal.com

Making wine markers

04:59 pm[personal profile] grammardog

Holiday decorating!

06:24 pm[identity profile] sarahrose.livejournal.com

Polymer clay work

08:14 pm[identity profile] julishland.livejournal.com

Leather cuffs and one necklace

09:56 pm[identity profile] drakefn.livejournal.com

Quick Questions

01:35 am[identity profile] kaheksa.livejournal.com

"Style" earings

12:58 pm[identity profile] yunikoneko.livejournal.com

Merry Cakemas!

01:59 pm[identity profile] kenaiqueen.livejournal.com

Christmas banners

02:22 pm[identity profile] twoseamfastball.livejournal.com

yeah, i don't really know either

09:53 am[identity profile] dana-knockouts.livejournal.com

Business Card Holder?

07:07 pm[identity profile] mesmerize77.livejournal.com


10:51 pm[identity profile] lower-class.livejournal.com


02:30 pm[identity profile] miss-sky1.livejournal.com

(no subject)

02:21 am[identity profile] irynan.livejournal.com

Digital gift tags for Christmas

04:37 am[identity profile] kaheksa.livejournal.com

"Starlight" earings

02:44 pm[identity profile] shashafrash.livejournal.com

Salt Dough bubbling

12:15 am[identity profile] txicntimeless.livejournal.com

(no subject)

08:38 pm[identity profile] sarahk-2009.livejournal.com

Sewing '?'

12:36 am[identity profile] chelsyhitt.livejournal.com

(no subject)

01:22 am[identity profile] yuhop.livejournal.com

Dry gourd VII. Acrylic. Shrimps.

10:08 am[identity profile] alphaninn.livejournal.com

Did some sewing recently

08:17 pm[identity profile] luna-is-awesome.livejournal.com

A question

09:15 pm[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_delicateterror/

Soldering Irons

09:50 am[identity profile] pceflwrgrl.livejournal.com

Spent some time quilling ornaments.

11:39 am[identity profile] azerbijahn.livejournal.com

Possible alterations for a wide-ass scarf?

01:44 pm[identity profile] inna68.livejournal.com

(no subject)

03:56 pm[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/jamaika_/

Tears from the moon

03:58 pm[identity profile] voyageofdreams.livejournal.com

A home made Christmas!

11:31 pm[identity profile] mme-la-pyrate.livejournal.com

Star Trek Cross Stitch

06:37 pm[identity profile] closeto-me.livejournal.com

(no subject)

07:06 pm[identity profile] mommamacnz.livejournal.com

Penguin Pjamas

09:10 pm[identity profile] kadie-darling.livejournal.com


10:09 pm[identity profile] opheliastorn.livejournal.com

Beading wire recommendations?

10:12 pm[identity profile] irynan.livejournal.com

Free New Year gift tags. DIY

12:45 am[identity profile] 888mph.livejournal.com

Xmas family game

12:46 pm[identity profile] beejang.livejournal.com

Flower Quilling Card

03:18 pm[identity profile] kathiann.livejournal.com

Hotpads for Christmas

11:13 pm[identity profile] o-felix-culpa.livejournal.com

want to learn to make mediocre necklaces like me?! READ ON!

03:56 pm[identity profile] ninja-egg.livejournal.com

How to cut/sew a "window" into fabric?

12:33 am[identity profile] lunamothmama.livejournal.com

custom my little ponies, thanks to a member here.... :)

09:59 am[identity profile] tea-soaked.livejournal.com

Paint on Cork

03:07 pm[identity profile] trelali.livejournal.com

(no subject)

03:23 pm[identity profile] elven-ranger.livejournal.com

(no subject)

10:15 pm[identity profile] irynan.livejournal.com

I was bored :)

11:09 am[identity profile] morganskye.livejournal.com

Tutorial needed

04:24 pm[identity profile] elven-ranger.livejournal.com

(no subject)

07:03 pm[identity profile] crunk-caitlin.livejournal.com

(no subject)

09:36 pm[identity profile] sillyfaery.livejournal.com

My new snug and cosy camera case!

09:13 am[identity profile] queerlyobscure.livejournal.com

Tiny Victorian Gentleman Plushie

10:48 am[identity profile] quatragammatron.livejournal.com

inside jokes applique

10:50 am[identity profile] spunkyfmxgirl.livejournal.com

Diaper Cake

02:01 pm[identity profile] devious-angel3.livejournal.com

spa package

03:11 pm[identity profile] stayfunny.livejournal.com

Xmas gift roundup

06:47 pm[identity profile] lolz.livejournal.com

(no subject)

10:21 pm[identity profile] inna68.livejournal.com

(no subject)

12:20 am[identity profile] ev-e-nes-ens.livejournal.com

Name this necklace!

01:17 pm[identity profile] einheitstochter.livejournal.com

(no subject)

03:09 pm[identity profile] rooftopscandal.livejournal.com

Magic Boxes

03:41 pm[identity profile] wumples.livejournal.com

liquid sculpey

09:02 pm[identity profile] irynan.livejournal.com

Free digital collage - Zodiac

03:56 am[identity profile] prilbot.livejournal.com

(no subject)

05:39 pm[identity profile] abm2631.livejournal.com

Mario & Luigi color-work scarf

12:00 am[identity profile] antoniotime.livejournal.com

Painting Glass

08:57 am[identity profile] soragakure.livejournal.com

Let's Have a Toast with Our Boots-- Hetalia!

01:42 pm[identity profile] madfishmonger.livejournal.com


06:59 pm[identity profile] ladythmpr.livejournal.com

December Crafting roundup, Part I

11:24 pm[identity profile] mystic-knight.livejournal.com

Happy New Year!


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