Mar. 20th, 2012

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First time posting, hope everything's okay. ^^"

Couldn't decide which item to pick, so here are a few favs -

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The other day I posted the Ice Cascade necklace, and decided to make a matching bracelet for it. This is my first attempt at a two-strand bracelet. 

And here it is. The crystal coloration is a bit different from Ice Cascade, but it matches perfectly. The colors remind me of Tiffany boxes and paraiba tourmalines! It fits average-to-wide wrists and there is an adjustable clasp, accented with a little white crystal bicone, to allow it to fit wider wrists. It goes with anything blue, green, white, or grey. (:
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Here is a rainbow-y Celtic-y bracelet I made for myself:

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It's 2 strings of regular cotton twine to one string of rainbow dyed yarn. "Outlining" the colored yarn really gives it that Celtic knotwork feel instead of just a plain weave or braid. I used this tutorial for the 4-strand braid. (4-strand is slightly deceptive because each strand has 2 plain and 1 colored strings in it) I made a button out of sculpey for the closure, because I don't seem to have any buttons laying around the house, and buying buttons (at least nice looking ones) is expensive!

I think it turned out nice enough, but it's not what I wanted. I still want to do a version 2 if I can figure it out.

This is what I really want: See the pretty 3-colored 4-strand weave on the top? That continuous circular weave is called a sailor's knot, or Turk's Head knot. I can only find tutorials for a 3 strand weave, which looks like a regular braid. Which isn't Celtic-looking enough for me!



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