May. 15th, 2012

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Hi everyone! I just finished this painting over the weekend, and felt it turned out very well. The original is debuting this Saturday at our town's art festival, and I'm excited to see how people react! I thought I might see how the community likes the piece before the first in-person viewing on Saturday.

The Hen is 22" x 30", done in gouache on paper. I used some glitter and pearlescent gouache to accent, as well as some silver ink.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for allowing me to share my work with you.
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I framed this print today. I found this image I loved and printed it onto thin cotton fabric using my ink jet printer, and made a mat using fabric and ribbon. My father custom made the frame for me years ago and when I tired of the needle work that was in it, I decided to make up my own mat because they're expensive to have cut to size at the framing shop where I live.


I'm placing a tutorial on how to make the mat out of fabric and ribbon under the cut. )


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