May. 30th, 2012

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Made this last weekend. I had made a bigger one but sold it at an art auction and wanted to see if I could make another one in a similar style.

It started out as one of those thin cedar type boxes and I covered it in a bunch of different scrapbook papers (Graphic 45 is my fave!) I added a few metal embellishments and some random number rub-ons and here it is.


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What stitch is this called? It is crocheted and not knitted, right? I ask because it looks like the underskirt was knitted.


May. 30th, 2012 07:21 pm
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Sooo proud of this drawing..took me three days, and it may be my favorite so far

it's kinda big )
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I posted about the pony buttons I made a long time ago, and now I finally got around to making buttons with the main characters. I knew I wanted to do something involving the elements of harmony and I was sitting on sketches of these and another variant forever not sure which one to choose, it was actually at the last moment I ended up switching back to this design.

I always feel really satisfied making ponies... they're so cute XD And the buttons look awesome
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I've been granted the huge honor to be the modern day, doll-maker version of the Renaissance painter Holbein to my very own Tudor Court.
The lovely ladies at La Corte de la Rosa, a Spanish historical group, are now Deridolls. =D

A modern day Renaissance court )


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