May. 31st, 2012

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My 7 yr old son is fascinated with "making things" we have made, with my assistance, a pillow, some stuffies, and other misc items. He is in no way coordinated to sew a project on his own (he has mild dyslexia, and issues with place order. I'm also hoping some fine motor projects will help with his handwriting), but I am looking for something he might be able to do with minimal assistance from mommy. He spent a very happy 45 minutes yesterday sewing on buttons, but that novelty is going to wear off quick.

I was thinking maybe plastic canvas? I vaguely remember working on kits when I was a kid. Does anyone have a source for kits/patterns that are boy friendly? It doesn't have to scream Yoshi or Optimus Prime, but all the stuff I've seen is way pink and flowery, or involves purses and doll clothes. I'd even go for something like baby blocks, since he has a baby brother, and a baby cousin arriving later this summer.

What are some other projects you think might work for a crafty but uncoordinated little boy? I have a knifty knitter, but hats in 100 degree heat...ugh. I have never tried spool knitting, but it's pretty much the same thing right? I am not good enough at traditional knitting to teach him, and I don't know how to crochet. Somewhere I have a latch hook rug kit, if I find that we may give that a try. I'm a little stumped though, and maybe you guys have some fresh ideas? Thanks!


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