Jul. 26th, 2012

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Ever since I made those lovely wrist bands for a costume, I realized that sewing with a machine is really, really fun! So, I decided that I want to do more sewing projects and eventually be proficient enough to make bodices, Victorian overskirts/underskirts, etc.

I'm making a romper. I found a very easy pattern and instructions here: http://site.fabricworm.com/Bandeau_Romper_Tutorial.pdf">http://site.fabricworm.com/Bandeau_Romper_Tutorial.pdf

1. I found a really cute cherry blossom brocade fabric, but I know brocade has to be serged. I only have a Brother sewing machine ( LS2125i). I know I can do zig zag stitches in place of serging and overstitches, but do I zig zag after I've cut out the pattern, but before I sew the pieces together? And should I use 1/4th seam allowance, or a smaller one?

2. Rotary cutters. I can't cut straight for the life of me. I have a pair but should I get a small one for cutting curves and the like? Small things like notches, I'll use a scissor for.

3. How long did it take you to get proficient at sewing? I know there are some easy Truly Victorian patterns out there, but I want to get the hang of patterns before I attempt something like a bodice.


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