Sep. 20th, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

While playing around with wire the other night, this design emerged...

Recycled sterling silver & peridot gemstones.

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Thanks for looking, and have a beautiful day!
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Hello everyone!

I've never posted here before so I thought to introduce myself I would share a scarf that I finished making last night. Its a birthday gift for my mom next month and she loves dark reds and burgundies.

There was no pattern which was new for me, I just sat down and started playing with stitches. In the end I settled on 20 rows of single crochet at each end and an uncounted amount of half double crochets for the main body of the scarf. I had to google how to add fringe but besides that it was all me! :) /proud

Ignoring the fringe its 60 inches long. Also, this is my first scarf. I normally just make afghans and blankets. I almost feel like a knitter or something, making a wearable lol ;)

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I'm currently working on a plastic canvas kit a dear friend sent me for my birthday last April. It's a complete doll house with furniture. I've put it on the back burner until I got some other projects out of the way and have now picked it up again. I sure hope I can figure out how to pur it all together once I get the panels done. i was also pondering about how to dress up those walls a bit rather than have them a solid color. They needed somethign to give it a homey feel.

When I received a catalog of needlework this morning I glanced through it, decided there was nothing at this time I wanted to order and almost tossed it in the recycle bin. Then it hit me, some of those pictures were the perfect size for the house! Framed even!! There was something for the hallway, another suited for the living room, even some for the nursery!!! All I needed to do was cut them out and tack them up:)

My dollhouse is going to have the 'A crafter lives here!' feel to it:) !!


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