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i've been trying to make a simple shirred summer dress. for some reason my fabric won't shirr. i've never shirred anything with this machine before, i've only had it for a few months.

i've tried winding the elastic on the bobbin tight and loosely, i've tried a straight stitch on the longest setting, i've been told to try a small zig zag and that didnt' work either.
i've even tried two different types of elastic thread.
it just won't shirr.

someone tell me what i'm doing wrong. or point me in the direction of something helpful. i've googled the crap out of this, and i can't find anything helpful.
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Can you use a stabilizer or some other stuff on it? I ask because I heard in a how to tutorial that if your fabric is to light it';ll fold and buckle and be more like an accordion than bell botom shape. There's this adorable fabric at hancocks it's raggedy anne and andy, and then there's numbers too and I want the fabric for my pants so much, but it's light weight and the pants are kind of heavy weight.
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I know how to do a normal hem but is there any special way I should be hemming a gown?

The material is satin...and it has extra layers underneath, I don't have to hem those too right?
Is there a special kind of thread I should use?

Thanks :)
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I mean to post this here to craftgrrl for someone last night but forgot.

There are so many ways of making a dressform for yourself but my personal opinion is that the quicker ones are inferior and if you have the time it's better to do the more involved ones. However, there are times when only one type is possible so I'll go through the five methods from worst to best. For all of these methods you will need to make your own base, which is not that difficult but here is a link anyway. By the way, a quick edit, even the "worst" method I mention will still get you a very usable dressform. Most people who have done it love theirs, so don't think you shouldn't do it if it's the one that will work best for you. :)

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I have this bad sometimes.
Which means I don't get rid of things that I really should.
Like wee clothes that my children have grown out of.

See this happy cow?


Come this way to learn more about him and others... )

*This post is a re-post of an earlier post that I submitted today. It has been modified at the request of the moderator. Please excuse if you are seeing this twice! Thank you to all the nice people who left wonderful comments in the first post!
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Oh man. These pants are so comfy, cheap and easy. The cloth cost me about $2 (you need around 2 yards for a pair of pants) and it took me about 20 minutes to make them.

Click here for instructions to make your own! w00t! )


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