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Inspired by a photo she saw, a close friend of mine asked me to customize a shirt for her. The picture consisted of a shirt with an open panel centered down the back, held together with strips of fabric (pinched in the center to create the look of a bow). She left the colors and details to me, but she explained that she preferred it to be a crop top and have the "bows" closer to the top.

It was a simple DIY project, as I already had a beige crop top I never wore from H & M and old ivory lace curtains, and there was minimal sewing. See the end product:

Side view:


See the full BACK view here :) )
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I spent some time renewing some vintage dresses & jackets making them into studded band dresses : )

The Smiths:

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My daughter had a wrap circle skirt made for me when she was in Ghana, and I wear it a lot.  Even though I don't know much  of anything about sewing, after several hours of googling "wrap skirt" and "circle skirt"  I convinced myself to try making a copy of it. 
The results.... )
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I know this has been done sooo many times, but I can't help making a t-shirt recycle too. I had two t-shirts that I don't like any more so I decided to made a reversible tote bag from it. Fortunately, I still have quite fabric left from one of the shirt, so I made fabric flowers and turned it into headband and necklace. 

As for tutorial, there are hundreds of tutorial on how to make fabric flowers and reversible tote bag on the web :) I'm sure most of you have seen those tutorials somewhere.

So here they are, the summer-ish accessories in the middle of winter.

( more photos )

ps: I would love to follow some craftblog in blogspot. If you have one, please let me know :)
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Yesterday I posted about the current and upcoming Fall trend of Contrast Collars. I got crafty last night and created an easy-DIY project to share with you! Here we go...

Items you will need:
- Collared shirt in a pattern/color of your choice
- Chain link bracelet that has a clasp (I just found one that had been lying around)
- Diagonal pliers (or something that will cut through the bracelet)
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Iron
- Scissors

Tutorial under here! )

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I'm looking to customise a pair of flats to create something similar to this design:


I'm thinking getting a nice, sturdy pair of flats and then making the wings as separate pieces and attaching them to the sides of the shoes. I would very much like suggestions for materials for the wings: what would would well, what should I avoid at all costs, and how to keep the wings from bending or sagging. I can picture how to construct the wings, but I would certainly appreciate any tips that you might be able to give me, and I would really like advice on how to attach them to the shoes in a nice, stable way (I don't want them wobbling and flopping around when I walk, or falling off and getting lost).

More detailed pic of the wings under the cut )
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I’ve wanted a nice pair of retro high-waisted shorts for some time now. I found a pair while thrifting last night and decided to DIY! This tutorial also works well with other styles of denim shorts. 

Steps of the tutorial under here! )

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I need to attach some velcro to kevlar (for safety gear purposes). The instructions for the various pieces recommend using a good quality super glue and to touch it up as necessary. Are there any glues that you would recommend specifically for attaching hard things to clothing (that will endure sweat and machine washing and pulling etc)?
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I turned some old shorts into this cute pair! They are seriously easy and quick to make. Click the link below to learn how! 
 (Lace paneled, scallop hemmed shorts)


Oct. 16th, 2009 10:57 pm
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Hi guys!!
I'm sorry to bother (I don't know if this is the right place to ask, if not I'm sorry), but I've a problem and some help'd be great..
I have this shirt:

that, as you can see, has a rather visible hole in the middle of the back >_>
How can I cover it??

Oh and I have few old jeans and I'd like to do an half slaved jacket.
Do you guys have a link where I can get any indication or maybe other ideas??

Thank you really much *bows*
Bye ^0^/

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I apologize in advance for not posting pictures with this post. I came across a Clutch purse at a local thriftstore recently and was wondering what sort of fabric paint I could use. The fabric on the clutch looks like imitation silk and I am thinking about using some silver fabric paint and a leave stamp I found at my local craft store to add a one of a kind feel to the purse.  What fabric paint would be best to use?
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There's a lot of nifty tutorials for paper tape dress forms. I've made one, but it's hard to use since it's not on a stand. Tried standing it on my desk--not so good. So! Anyone got any tips on how to create a stand for one?
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Can you use a stabilizer or some other stuff on it? I ask because I heard in a how to tutorial that if your fabric is to light it';ll fold and buckle and be more like an accordion than bell botom shape. There's this adorable fabric at hancocks it's raggedy anne and andy, and then there's numbers too and I want the fabric for my pants so much, but it's light weight and the pants are kind of heavy weight.
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What kind of paint/ink should I use on tights? I want to paint a feather pattern on some but I don't want anything that will crack or flake off easily. I was thinking of using plain India ink but my painter boyfriend said it might run too much. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!
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I mean to post this here to craftgrrl for someone last night but forgot.

There are so many ways of making a dressform for yourself but my personal opinion is that the quicker ones are inferior and if you have the time it's better to do the more involved ones. However, there are times when only one type is possible so I'll go through the five methods from worst to best. For all of these methods you will need to make your own base, which is not that difficult but here is a link anyway. By the way, a quick edit, even the "worst" method I mention will still get you a very usable dressform. Most people who have done it love theirs, so don't think you shouldn't do it if it's the one that will work best for you. :)

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