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I don't know if baking is really considered crafting, so if it isn't, please someone tell me and I'll remove this post. If it is (and I hope it is because I want everyone to have the opportunity to make these treats, which I can only describe as food crack), I have a really delicious recipe for all my lovely crafting ladies.. pumpkin whoopie pies, complete with cream cheese-cinnamon filling!
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Need neat little candles for a party or ritual? Check this out!
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I did it with a satsuma and it smelled *so* good.
I would make sure to put a lipped dish under it and not just leave it on a stool or counter because OMGWTFBBQ fire hazard!


Sep. 11th, 2011 09:11 pm
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Inspired by Pinterest, I recently reorganized my really messy pantry. I replaced many food boxes and bags with glass canisters. I really liked the way my canisters looked with my handwritten labels on them, but even after just a few opening and closings, I noticed that they were starting to look a little worn. (Obviously, it was the chocolate-covered pretzels canister that I noticed the wear on first.) I figured they were going to start looking dingy pretty fast. So, looking down the barrel of another sleepless night, I decided to do some glass etching. Glass etching is one of the most satisfying and simple crafts around! The etching cream does almost all of the work. The hardest part is creating and applying your design, and that's only as hard as you make it.

Here is one of the finished products!

Wild rice.

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I know this falls more under the category of baking than crafting, but I'm not a member of any baking comms since I don't bake that often and this sure felt like crafting. Let's just say it is crafting and that cake is my medium of choice, this time. They are Bakerella-inspired Red Velvet Cakemas Tree Pops. I made them for my husband's office holiday party. :D
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Awhile back, a very dear friend gave me bins and bins full of fabrics and Christmas craft items. Since I have a very good sewing machine and like sewing I figured I would start making some things from the fabrics. I made a table runner for another girlfriend for her birthday and today I went down to the basement and looked through the fabrics again, looking for some lightweight fabric and backing. I found a really neat craft idea in a book I bought last year. It is a casserole tote. I found some nice fabric so I got busy and made it.
It was easy enough to make. It has quilting batting between the front and back layers for insulation and should keep the casserole hot for quite some time. The carrying handles are wooden dowels that can be removed when washing the carrier.
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Tomorrow night I'm going to whip up some Oreo truffles (made with 16oz crushed oreos + 8oz cream cheese, rolled into balls, refridgerated, then coated with melted chocolate)

I have 3 questions I hope someone can answer:

1. After they are made I will be taking them to my family on Christmas Eve. They live about 3 hours away. Will they be ok sitting out and not in the refridgerator? (They do contain cream cheese)

2. Does anyone have any ideas for decorating? I was going to do one package plain oreos covered with white choloate and one package mint oreos covered with dark chocolate. I figured I'd dust the black oreo crumbs over the white chocolate truffles but not sure about the mint ones.

3. I'm sure some of you have all ready made these, so do you have any other tips?

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This is slightly off topic, but am hoping some creative peeps can help me out... I'm planning a Harry Potter themed meal and need some recipe suggestions for side dishes or soup that I could a) give a cute, Harry Potter name to, and b) would go well with cornish pasties.

Haaaalp! (Please :))
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I know this isn’t technically “crafty,” but I wanted to thank the person who posted this idea a few days ago and show my Kool Aid cake experiment results. I just mixed one packet of Kool Aid to a white cake mix and voila! Behold the blue raspberry lemonade cake! Served warm. It's super yummy! I'm so making grape cake next!

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Aug. 28th, 2009 09:20 pm
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Hey, craftfrrls, I'm asking for tea-related crafts. Has anyone used one of the world's most popular drinks as inspiration for their crafting?

So far, I have make-your-own" teabags lined up for when my friends all get together. (Question: I have unbleached muslin. Can I use that instead of cheesecloth? Spacey me...)
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I haven't been posting lately, which is fair enough, since I haven't been crafting lately, either. This has photos of a journal, a batch of interesting brownies, and a stationary set of cards. Eight largish pictures.

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If you want a tutorial for anything in here, just ask, but it's not exactly the coolest bestest post ever.
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I'm a part of this journal project on [livejournal.com profile] get_a_journal there are 6 starters of journals and I am one of them. Each starter has to make pages for another starter, and other people can make pages for your journal.

my journal theme is "My Life In Pictures" There's a bunch of people already signed up to make pages for it. I'm really excited about it because I always have people draw and write in my journals. I've been scanning pages lately. I'll get on that a bit more, of what people have drawn/written for me instead of just stuff I've drawn.

But anyway. I signed up for "A pinch of This and a dash of That" The woman who has that journal project asked for recipes and stories. I've been scanning recipes that are very special to me. Things we eat on holidays and things I love in general!

I cut out 4 pieces of bright colored card stock to get myself started. The requirement was 2-4 pages per person.The pages are a specific size requirement so I figured that out as well. I chose colors that will complement the food well. ha For an obvious example. I'm doing apple crisp, and I put that on the red page construction. chile relleno casserole on a green page :D etc etc.

I've finished, and here are my creations, let me know what you think :D

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