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Today I tried my hand at making a matching pen to go along with a notepad using patterned paper. It was a little tricky to get the paper inside the pen but I think it turned out okay.

Cut for pictures. )
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... colored 36 inch wide velvet. On first thought, a jacket for me sounded doable, but where I would wear this thing I cannot think. I do need a jacket, it's the color ... and it would need lining, meh.

Anyway, for Christmas, there are 4 littles to consider making something for: two boys, 7 and 1, two girls, 4 and 2. Any ideas?
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I was surfing online for cute ideas for Christmas and came across this link that shows how to make an ornament using crepe paper/misc little toys. All you do is roll balloons, cars, toys, crayons... whatever, in crepe paper and tie it off with a ribbon. Then the kids can take it apart and find the hidden treasures. I thought it was a FAB idea and thought Id post it here since I know alot of people here have little ones.

(I checked the rules and its not a selling link and not stealing the owners idea... but she shows a step by step tutorial so I figured it was ok. If not, let me know and I'll remove.)
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I put together Charlie Brown's Christmas tree yesterday. I've been wanting to make one for years. I found the perfect 'tree' at a dollar store and made the base from two paint sticks glued together. The tree was tipping too easily (I have cats, they are bad.) so I had to glue on a 1/2 inch wood block which I drilled a hole into the center of. The ball is glass, so I wired it on, see earlier explanation of bad cats.


I may wrap a blue cloth around the base the way Linus did, but I haven't decided.
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This is a kid centric crafts, but I kinda am wishing I had done *MY* footprints when it was all done. I found this penguin footprint craft on pinterest, and had to try it out!

Isn't it adorable?

one more here )
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A few of you may remember this post ( http://craftgrrl.livejournal.com/13669901.html ) where I remade a couple ornaments... I only have a couple more things to post.

My nephews ornament (Desmond Jr). I made my sister one for herself, her hubby, and her baby :) I loveeeeee making these. I'm in the process of making one for every member of my family for my tree.
Right this way for 2 other Christmas goodies )
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I sewed these pillow covers over the weekend, stitching the snowflakes on by hand while watching TV and wow, hand stitching takes forever.


I've put a tutorial here for those who are interested.
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I know this falls more under the category of baking than crafting, but I'm not a member of any baking comms since I don't bake that often and this sure felt like crafting. Let's just say it is crafting and that cake is my medium of choice, this time. They are Bakerella-inspired Red Velvet Cakemas Tree Pops. I made them for my husband's office holiday party. :D
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I was feeling crafty and searching the web for inspiration I stumbled across for this amazing tutorial for Norwegian woven paper hearts.

Once you figured out the mechanism behind them (aka after your first heart ; ) ) they are not only easy to make but also very quick. You can fill the finished hearts with sweets or little (= light) presents and I can think of quite a lot of occasions where they could make nice little gifts
: )

Those are the three I made so far - they will be used as decoration, but I will make some more to give away for Christmas. I adore the "simple" paper hearts, but I am sure you can pimp them with glitter, stones, drawings....
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So my friends and I decided to go to a masquerade ball for New Year's Eve. The problems:

--we decided this on Wednesday night (with NYE, of course, being Thursday night)
--I wear glasses (and can't wear contacts)
--I was planning to wield a big camera, and thus couldn't spare a hand all night for a mask-on-a-stick, which is the usual solution for glasses-wearin' masquerade attendees.

What I started with:

(plus a red fabric mask, the same as the other two)

What I ended up with )

Happy 2010, crafters!
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I did these for all those hard to shop for people that I just end up getting gift cards for. They worked out really well, I just used scrapbook paper and a knitting needle instead of a paper scorer.

The pattern is from Heather Bailey.

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Decking the halls with boughs of holly isn't the only way to have fun celebrating the Christmas holiday.
Hang traditional mistletoe with this easy-to-make felt TIE fighter.

Learn how to make one here:
Mistle-TIE Fighter Holiday Craft
(via Starwars.com)
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Construction paper snowflakes festoon our large upstairs window! No patterns, just a stack of ordinary construction paper and lots of love.

And for [livejournal.com profile] scdsam who asked what to do with leftover holiday ribbons, I present our display of incoming holiday cards. This was inspired by a picture from a magazine (possibly Family Circle?) circa 2000, and this is the first year I've gotten around to making it happen. The display is 3 yards of red pom-pom ribbon. The individual cards are tied on with coordinating red and orange patterned ribbon (dots, stripes, and checks) and cheapo key chains. The materials will be reusable for following years. (Holiday card display cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] organize.)


Happy Holidays!
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As the presents pile up, I'm noticing a lot of really gorgeous holiday ribbons (the lovely fabric and fabric/wire kind) tied around the packages.

Anybody have any ideas as how to reuse these (other than wrapping for next year)? They're probably no longer than 1-2 ft each, varying widths, and none really matching except that they're holiday-ish in theme.

Asking in advance because I probably won't keep them if I can't think of a way to use them again. THANKS!
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My son just showed me a snowman he made at his class Christmas party, and I thought I'd share in case some of you would be interested. Santa hasn't brought my new camera yet, so one large crappy cell pic it is! )
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Taking directions from this website, I decided to make matryoshka (Russian nesting doll) holiday greeting cards this year.

First, I created a template (they also provide one on the linked website) and cut out a bunch of oulines on patterned cardstock (it was pretty difficult to find this, but I found some books of it at Michael's. I also did okay with some patterned paper which was stiffer than regular paper but not quite cardstock).

From December 2009

Moar )
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Greetings! Looking for paper crafts to reuse all of the holiday cards we are receiving in the mail. Preferably child friendly, as my daughter will be out of school for two weeks (eep!) and we will be staying in a lot, but of course, I will be helping so if there are parts that are more difficult and need an adult hand. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!
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I've been being crafty lately and decided to look for a crafting community. Found it!

I've been making button ornaments lately and that is really the only thing I have photographed. So here you go )


Nov. 24th, 2009 06:06 pm
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It's almost time for ornament making!!! Here are a few I did last year

more under here!!! )


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