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It's my first post here (no more lurking for me ;)), so, hello, everyone. 

After I got a gorgeous skein of Dale of Norway yarn as a gift, I immediately knew it was going to be my beret. But, the beret-to-be needed an embellishment, so I came up with a brooch. 

Made of pheasant feathers (some of them naturally iridescent), lots of glue and a piece of felt. Mess obtained equals only the fun I had. The design, if you can call it so, is entirely mine. And entirely random. 

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Solomon_white_yellowsm I’m so happy, that Hannah has agreed to join my blog...

She’s very interesting person, and I enjoy reading her articles....

I should confess that I’m not a jewelry maker. But maybe that’s an advantage in commenting on jewelry. By profession I’m a writer, and that is an advantage in commenting on a lot of things. But why jewelry of all things?
on the picture -" Solomon ring " - my design

Meow Meow

Jun. 17th, 2012 11:58 am
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Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted (and crafted, to be honest!) but I'm super excited about these little kitty brooches I've been making and I wanted to share. I'm going to start making more in smaller sizes to put on necklaces and hair barrettes. All of these are destined to have pin-backs glued onto them.
I'm still learning how to use polymer clay and am considering making a mold for these guys but I kind of like how they're all perfectly unique. What do you think? Should I do a mold?

Oh! And if you're into blogs, check out mine: http://tigerdogfarts.blogspot.com! It's more about books and movies  and outfits lately than crafts but you might be into that!:
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Hi girls, it's me again xD Hopefully this is allowed here.. I just wanted to share a series I write for my blog since a couple of months now: "DIY from head to toe", as write in the introduction >> here <<, it's about "weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly".

I posted the 12th episode on Wednesday, neon themed:

You can click on the pic to take a look, hope you'll like it :)
Have a nice w/e!!
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I'm most known for my Tree of Life pendants and one of my most popular has been something a little different; my Halloween Moon tree. This bare-branches piece features an orange moon peaking out from behind black wire trunk and branches. Recently, I made two additional versions - one in silver with a white moon and one in silver with a blue moon. This rounds out a full moon "trilogy" if you will. I love how they look.

So, for the contest, I thought I'd share my tree trilogy with the group. :)

Once In A Blue Moon + Under A Full Moon + Under A Halloween Moon
(click image for larger version)

Thoughts welcome!

Edit to add: More info on them can be found on my blog HERE.
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Hey grrls! Could you help me brainstorm ideas for turning a clip-on type earring into a "standard" earring? My friend came to me for help and I'm not quite sure.

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I've looked at "Spin Pins" for years now, contemplating the design and how... well, PLAIN they are. Thought about buying some of theirs and how I'd improve them. Then I saw another type, where instead of two wires spinning into your hair, it's only one spiral, with a sparkly gem at the center. For whatever reason, this made me realize that I could =try= using the 16 gage copper wire and a set of bailing pliers to test my thought. It was plain, my test piece, but gave me the confidence to try something more... attractive.

Click photo for the link to the FB album, giving more photos and details.

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I took a jewelry/ metal smithing class this Spring, and here are the results.
Some were class projects, some were my own whims.

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I do only wire wrapping work. That is, until I read how you can color copper with fire. Hubby had a mini kitchen torch and I took it into my head to buy a sheet of copper and see what I could do. The mini torch's plastic nozzle melted and imploded two seconds after I put it down after finishing the very last panal in these two pieces, so no necklace. I loved working the metal and am so happy with the results.

Copper panel bracelet

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I am getting married later this year and fell in love with the idea of brooch bouquets. So I decided to make my own! I am making a few practice ones before i decide exactly what I want for mine. So here is my first ever brooch bouquet :-)

title or description

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This is my first time posting after much lurking. : )  I am wanting to use ye olde Mod Poge to cover flat metal pieces as are used in stamping with paper prints. I haven't done decoupage in *years* and never in this sort of application. Any pitfalls I should watch out for? Many thanks in advance for your help!
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For [livejournal.com profile] glitterophelia and anyone who has a pendant that won't lay flat and they don't know what to do.

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First time posting, hope everything's okay. ^^"

Couldn't decide which item to pick, so here are a few favs -

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I'm starting to nose around for a source for nickel-free silver -- raw, wire, and findings.  I took lapidary & silvercrafting lessons in my teens, but have done almost nothing since my teacher retired. 

We're house-hunting so I may have enough space to set up a workspace within a year or so.  But in the years (decades? GULP) since I last soldered any wire, I've developed a reaction to most of my costume & silver jewelry.   I even have trouble with surgical steel earrings!

I'm not going to be _learning_ on 14k gold...  Does anyone have a source for nickel-free silver?  Are there any craftable metals that are nickel-fre other than silver & gold? 
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This is the before picture. Beautiful, undyed, handspun wool.
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Hey there, I have a question for those with more crafty experience than me.

I bought some cheapy fun dinosaur and other animal plastic mini figures, I thought it would be awesome to attach them to a chain and make jewelry with. I've seen necklaces like this before, generally they either have one of those rings with a screw in it or a tiny hole with a ring it. I don't have any of the screw in things, so I'd like to somehow punch a small hole to do this. I am trying to figure out what the best way to make a hole in them would be... especially a way to make a very small hole without damaging the plastic, and I don't want to experiment too much because I'd hate to ruin any of them! Any ideas?
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Hello there!

Long time since my last post in there :)

I'd like to share today how to make this great glass tile pendant. It's easy as 1-2-3! :)

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I needed a brooch in the shape of a human heart for a photography project I'm doing this week, and decided to make it out of fimo. I used to make loads of fimo stuff when I was a kid, and taught some classes to kids a while back, but I haven't made anything in about 5 years. It was a mix of fun and frustrating, but came out as raw meaty looking as hoped.

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