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So my friends and I decided to go to a masquerade ball for New Year's Eve. The problems:

--we decided this on Wednesday night (with NYE, of course, being Thursday night)
--I wear glasses (and can't wear contacts)
--I was planning to wield a big camera, and thus couldn't spare a hand all night for a mask-on-a-stick, which is the usual solution for glasses-wearin' masquerade attendees.

What I started with:

(plus a red fabric mask, the same as the other two)

What I ended up with:

I attached wires to the back of each 'wing', which I then just wound around the stems of my glasses, and adjusted until the wings were more flush with the glasses frame than they are in those shots up there. It was surprisingly secure-- the mask didn't shift much at all over the course of the night. My hair covers the stems of the glasses, so you couldn't see the wires at all when I had it on.

And I was expecting to have lost all the stars by the end of the evening, but I think only one or two ended up coming loose! I used the super technical combination of rubber cement and Krazy Glue, ha ha.

What this actually looked like on my dumb mug:

Happy 2010, crafters!
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