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Hello! I'm new to the comm and this is my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

A few months ago, my husband and I found a barely-used Dora the Explorer backpack at a car boot sale. Our daughter loved it, but I couldn't help noticing it was missing something - the all-important Star Pocket! I took a notion and decided that I'd try to make one. Here are some pics I took during and after making it.

I forgot to take a picture of the materials I used, but here's a quick list:

* Felt in purple, red, yellow, blue, green, and pink.
* 6in zipper
* Needle and (purple) thread
* Hot glue gun and glue

First I cut the shapes I needed. The star shapes are about 8 inches in diameter and the connecting strip is about 2 inches wide. I attached the zipper to the connecting strip before I sewed it to the star shapes.

One thing you might notice is I actually ended up sewing the wrong side, but, in the end, you can't really tell and my daughter doesn't care, so woohoo! I'll know better for next time.

I made happy little stars to go inside, using the hot glue gun and different coloured felt pieces. She loves to take them up and throw them in the air, shouting "catch them, catch them!"

More glue gun action went into creating the multi-coloured front of the pocket. I also added a loop to the back of the pocket so that I could attach it to a keyring. I then used that to connect it to an open loop on the backpack rather than trying to sew the pocket completely onto it.

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... colored 36 inch wide velvet. On first thought, a jacket for me sounded doable, but where I would wear this thing I cannot think. I do need a jacket, it's the color ... and it would need lining, meh.

Anyway, for Christmas, there are 4 littles to consider making something for: two boys, 7 and 1, two girls, 4 and 2. Any ideas?
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We are going to NY to visit my sister and her family. These are some presents we are taking with us (and yes, they are all handmade).

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So I found a post on Ravlery that led me to this Craftsy blog:


This is a little girl in Tennessee who learned how to quilt, and is setting up a charity to make and distribute quilts for needy kids. According to an article I found in her local paper, the plan is that they will be distributed by first responders to kids who have experienced car wrecks, house fires, and other such trauma.  Only problem is, Grandma is on a fixed income, and the fabric stash is limited.  There's an address listed at the bottom of the Craftsy page where you can send fabric scraps and other quilting materials for Maddie.  Further down in the comments, her grandmother lists fabric stores that are in their area (should you prefer to send gift cards) as well as Maddie's e-mail, should you want to drop her a note.

I post this because I think it's wonderful to see a small kid who loves crafts so much, and who is giving away her hard work to help the less fortunate. And I think that as crafters, as well as kind human beings, this is something we ought to celebrate and support however we can, be it by donations of materials, or just by kind words of encouragement.
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With over 78 students, my classrooms go through a lot of tissue boxes. The boxes come with lovely designs so instead of just tossing them into the recycling bin, we decided to recycle them ourselves to make fun little party favors.
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My friend & former co-worker Margie introduced me to the art/craft of resculpting model horses (one artist's explanation here), and I thought it was pretty neat.  Last weekend, looking for a gift for a 6yo, I stumbled across Breyer kits and couldn't resist this one for my 5yo daughter.

Victoria devoured the booklet that explained horse coloration and how to paint special kinds of horse colors and how to mix paint... she's a great reader, but the content was a little overwhelming.  Her eyes lit up when I suggested making fairy tale horses. That got rid of worries about "doing it right" (she's a budding perfectionist).  She instructed me to paint mine in purple, and she would do pinks & blues. She painted on a saddle.  I played with mixing & shading colors like I used to do for D&D miniatures -- we both had a lot of fun. 

Now introducing ... our Bippity Boppity Boo horses!

Fairy Tale horses by Mom & 5yo

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Our elementary school's PTO did a crafts day in December. I volunteered to run a table to help the kids make flower pens as gifts.

I was inspired by something received as a bridal shower favor -- that was done with beautiful big fabric tiger lilies and flower tape.  My goal was a craft the kids could do for $0.50 or less because, well, it's kids. This is their allowance we're talking about.

I got boxes of pens, rolls of colored tape (we used floor tape rescued from a corporate discard pile), and hit up the local discount stores for off-season flower bouquets.  We cut the bouquets up into smaller bits and the kids taped them on.  My trick was a narrow piece of tape at the top so the kids could arrange things how they want, and then run the fat tape lengthwise.  We trimmed it so the cap could go back on.  The kids loved it -- they were able to do it themselves, and they were making all the choices. My favorite thing to say all day was "You pick which (X) you want to use -- that's your design decision!"  Their faces lit up.

The only child I saw not enjoying herself was the one whose father was trying to get her to do exactly the kind of pen he would have done...

Flower pens

[Edit: I should have mentioned since this is for kids, the flower bouquets are usually on wire.  You'll need wiresnips, and tell the kids that the cut bits can be quite pointy.  You have to work pretty hard to do more than a light scratch, but it's worth telling them.]
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I made it especially for my daughter, in order to encourage her to eat a variety of healthy breakfast... I'm not sure it will help, but why not to try?! =)))

Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.

more photos at my picasa web album
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I have been debating whether or not to post these as the crafts posted here are vastly superior, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I volunteer at a library and I make the examples for their craft programs. These are the felt ornaments from the teen holiday program. To make it easier on the participants, the crafts were to be made with tacky glue. I would suggest sewing if you can, but if you use glue they work better without stuffing.

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I was surfing online for cute ideas for Christmas and came across this link that shows how to make an ornament using crepe paper/misc little toys. All you do is roll balloons, cars, toys, crayons... whatever, in crepe paper and tie it off with a ribbon. Then the kids can take it apart and find the hidden treasures. I thought it was a FAB idea and thought Id post it here since I know alot of people here have little ones.

(I checked the rules and its not a selling link and not stealing the owners idea... but she shows a step by step tutorial so I figured it was ok. If not, let me know and I'll remove.)
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This is a kid centric crafts, but I kinda am wishing I had done *MY* footprints when it was all done. I found this penguin footprint craft on pinterest, and had to try it out!

Isn't it adorable?

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One good thing to come out of our obnoxiously bad summer was that we've been having a lovely, lovely fall. The leaves have been turning GORGEOUS colors, so we take some home, press them between newspapers, and we have plenty of leaves for projects! We made leaf lanterns and leaf masks. Most of my crafts are kid centric, so fun for the whole family!

my kids in a leaf fight

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Hi all you creative people! I am hosting a princess tea party of mother's day this year and need a few crafts ideas and games. This is for elementary aged kids and their mothers and grandmothers so the kids will have a little help but not everyone is artistic (or can follow directions easily) so simple is always the best I have learned!
There will be 2 groups of 130 people and I have little prep. time the day of/night before.

crafts thus far:
1. planting "magic beans"

games thus far:
1. Musical glass slipper

As you can see I need a few more. They must be super-cheap and easy! HELP!

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I used some 1x4 pine and my grandpa's old scroll saw to make this wood animal set for my daughter's upcoming birthday--her first, so they'll be chew toys for now :) For any of you that are afraid of power tools: don't be! They're so FUN! This was my second-ever power tool project and I can't wait to think of more to do.

A little acrylic paint and some scrap fabric, and she's got a nice little set.

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Hey crafty ones. I need a project that children can do reusing plastic water bottles. Anyone have a tutorial or any good how to's for such a thing?

A little background: We are participating in a KaBOOM! build and we need a side project for the kids to be working on that will use the hundreds of water bottles that will be produced during the build day.

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My extended family has exploded with children over the last few years and now I have 15 children under the age of six that I'm shopping for. Because I'm hoping to eat during the month of December, I'm trying for handmade gifts this year.


Does anyone have any suggestions for non-sewn handmade gifts for young children?

I started by making some rhyming storybooks about some of the older ones. Then I wrote some lullabies for the youngest ones. It's the ones in the middle that are giving me the most problem (the 18 month/2 yr olds), since they're not quite ready for books, but a little too big for lullabies.

I was thinking of making some classic wooden blocks with personalized images woodburned on the sides but I'm not sure if wooden blocks will do more damage than good to small children.

Any help would be great! Thanks so much!
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Hello all!
I'm throwing a birthday party for the art center I work in. Quick story: The building was built in 1889 in the memory of a 19 y.o. girl. Dec 6th is her birthday and we are throwing a kid's party for her birthday.

I need a few craft and game ideas for boys and girls. Since her family were in the lumber business I thought lumberjack stuff would be good but I haven't come up with too many good ideas. Help please!
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Hey all! Sorry for the text only, but I have a quick question:
does anyone have any recommendations for craft books that are especially geared towards kids? My 8-year-old nephew loves to do different kinds of crafty projects; whenever I visit him he always wants me to help him with some kind of project! So I wanted to get him a book that has various types of crafts/craft type projects in it that we can choose from. Any books in particular that I should take a look at? Or, maybe you can share some of your favorite crafty projects you like to do with the kiddos in your life. Thanks as always for any ideas/suggestions! =)

felt book

May. 9th, 2009 04:07 pm
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i haven't been active here in forever, but i wanted to post this felt book i recently finished because i was inspired to make it by the other felt books i've seen posted here.

i started this book over 6 months ago because i know my hands-free time is slim these days, being a relatively new parent. i figured i'd work on it slowly over the course of time, but of course i ended up taking a hiatus and still rushing to finish it towards the end.


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i'm rather proud!


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