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Here's the embroidery I've been working on for my my installation in my MA Illustration exhibition. The whole thing (islands and sea) took me about 70 hours. I am thoroughly sick of embroidery at this point. It's part of an interactive exhibit about Greek Mythology.

And what I did with it ... )
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Hi everyone :)

Just wanted to share the hodge podge of crafting I do. And if you're lucky (or if I am) I'll be able to show some of these off as finished some day. Ha.

I have this great ability to come up with ideas, and start them but I fail at finishing anything.

The current big project is a wall hanging come tapestry. Based on the Battle of Agincourt it will be a massive hanging with appliqué, embroidery and a dash of quilting. So far I have the paper template sorted, I have one Longbowman stitched up (embroidering each part before being appliquéd onto the main backing) and all my components. With the exception of the fabric for the backing. Which is proving very hard to get here. Just some heavy, stiff, blue cotton. That's all I want. Not a blend, not a faint pattern, just plain. I might actually just end up buying blue bedsheets and be done with it.

Here is my Flickr stream for all my creativeness. Mainly painting and embroidery but you will also see how much of it isn't finished.

Thank you and I am new here on Livejournal - I've been joining creative communities at a rate of knots and I would love more creative friends!

Killough 0380
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So I found a post on Ravlery that led me to this Craftsy blog:


This is a little girl in Tennessee who learned how to quilt, and is setting up a charity to make and distribute quilts for needy kids. According to an article I found in her local paper, the plan is that they will be distributed by first responders to kids who have experienced car wrecks, house fires, and other such trauma.  Only problem is, Grandma is on a fixed income, and the fabric stash is limited.  There's an address listed at the bottom of the Craftsy page where you can send fabric scraps and other quilting materials for Maddie.  Further down in the comments, her grandmother lists fabric stores that are in their area (should you prefer to send gift cards) as well as Maddie's e-mail, should you want to drop her a note.

I post this because I think it's wonderful to see a small kid who loves crafts so much, and who is giving away her hard work to help the less fortunate. And I think that as crafters, as well as kind human beings, this is something we ought to celebrate and support however we can, be it by donations of materials, or just by kind words of encouragement.
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I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second child (and on bed rest right now-UGH). I wanted to make a quilt for the new baby (Ramona) and one for my 3 year old son Marshall to be able to share with his new baby sister. Thankfully, I just finished up the second quilt this weekend before being ordered on bed rest for the next three weeks on Monday!

The first one I made was the Marshall quilt. I wanted to try a chevron pattern, since I came across so many of those on pinterest while searching for quilt ideas. I really love the look of them, but couldn't find an exact pattern to go by. I ended up figuring out the process myself and making it up as I went along. I'm very pleased with it!
photos here )

Ramona's quilt is much smaller, more of a newborn/receiving blanket size that's perfect for tucking into a car seat or draping around us while breastfeeding. I went with a very basic patchwork in pinks, reds, corals, and greys:
more photos here )

All photos link back to either my personal flickr or the companion flickr group to my community [livejournal.com profile] sewalong. There are many more photos there, if you'd like a detailed description of how I made either of the quilts. [livejournal.com profile] sewalong also contains detailed tutorials of my process and a supply list, if anyone is interested. This is in no way intended to be a way of trolling for new members, by the way! I just want to share the projects, if anyone is interested in trying them. My tutorials are all public, so you don't have to join to see them.
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Hi, I just posted this the other week asking for some quilting advice. I decided to do everything myself (and, as it turns out, I wont be in class this semester after all - so I'll have a little more free time) and I ordered a bunch of fabric from fabric.com. Now, normally I would pre-wash... I usually do, with the understanding that some fabrics might shrink different percentages, or shrink unevenly, etc... but you lose that new-fabric patina when you do, you know? So, I'd rather not. Now, it's all 100% cotton prints/broadcloth. I think I'll probably wash the backing (108" cotton broadcloth), but as for the rest of it.... in your opinion, do you really think it's necessary? why or why not?

Also, any general care suggestions for quilts that I can pass on to the bride? I've only had one hand-made quilt in my life, personally, and I never paid much mind to how it was washed (my mom made it, and she REALLY doesn't pay any mind to special-care/treatment, and also never pre-washes :P). I still use it, pretty much daily year-round, (it was finished in '86) and I just dry it on gentle. I pre-washed everything for the last two quilts I've made (the only quilts I've made) - one was all machine pieced and quilted so I didn't consider special care necessary, given that everything was pre-shrunk and it's not going to fall apart at the seams any time soon. The other I think they chose to display rather than use (also machine pieced and quilted, but had a lot of hand-sewn applique), and I didn't consider after-care for that either.... so I don't really know.

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I need an opinion, and I kinda have a question, or need an opinion depending on the answer to the question... or something.

Here's the thing. My best friend that I've known since kindergarten (we're 26 now) is getting married at the end of the month (Aug 29th). Now, you SHOULD be thinking "why the hell is she asking NOW and not, oh, I don't know, a YEAR AGO?"... but she only told me she had set a date about a month ago, and that the date was about two months away (and I'm a bridesmaid, nice huh?). Sooo..... wedding gifts. After wracking my brain, and digging through her registries, I decided that I'd like to make her a quilt (traditional double-ring, though if someone has another design suggestion I'll take it)..... so here's my question, how long do you think it would take (obviously not a month, I'm not that delusional lol)? I work full-time, and I'll be starting classes in about a month also, which is severely going to eat into whatever free time I have.
So here's the opinion question, given that it's probably going to take [insert your answer here] to make the quilt.... do you think it would be acceptable to purchase a pre-sewn quilt top from another crafter and go from there? All that time saved. I just feel like it'd be cheating, majorly, because I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself... I just don't have the time, and I don't want to give her a wedding present a year late... you know?

Your input is appreciated.
And if any of you have suggestions for other handmade wedding gifts, I'll gladly take them!

edit: I guess, if I bought the top, I could still add a fancy-shmancy or personalized border to make it special, without making it all that much more time consuming...
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This isn't my first, but it is the first one that I didn't just half-ass to have done in time for Christmas! LOTS OF PICS AHEAD

Lol booty-shakin' bananas after this here cut )

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Hello everyone, I have posted once before, but that was just an introductory post and I didn't add any of my works, so here are some that I hope you might enjoy.
I don't like cross-posting so much because there are people like me who have their fingers in a lot of lj-craft pies, but I thought I might save up a few craft pieces and post them at once, if you all don't mind.

So anyway, here they are!

Through the rabbit hole (nine images): )

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I have a new acronym now for this kind of stuff: NMBW: Not My Best Work.  I just can't get enthusiastic about creating with my sewing machines right now.

I give you: THE UGLY OWL!  It's a stash-buster, what can I say? I didn't buy any flannelette for this baby... and I've had the pieces sitting in a plastic bag for MONTHS waiting for me to feel so much like not sewing that I had nothing better bundled for my Wednesday night sewing circle.

Actually, the front is kind of cute. And it's not finished, because the seams haven't been clipped and the quilt hasn't been washed to fluff up the frayed edges, and my Sharpie is starting to look pretty good right now, as far as outlining the eyes, wings, and feet on the back go. I was thinking I'd EMBROIDER those outlines, and I think I don't want to have my hands in it that much longer.

Cross-posted to my journal.

Two 700-pixel pictures behind the cut )

Mini quilts

Dec. 1st, 2008 10:57 am
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A few months ago I came across a mini quilt swapping group on Flickr. I signed up and after my first one I was HOOKED! I want to swap and swap and swap until my wall is full of lovely swapped mini quilters from around the world like this one.

Here is my latest - foundation pieced (my first try - LOVE it!) from 1930s reproduction prints.

More minis here. )


Oct. 30th, 2008 11:23 am
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Yay! I am finally done!!! This is the first craft project I have posted here, and my first ever attempt at a "quilt" (I use this term loosly becuase it is really just a patchwork blanket, there isn't really any quilting). I made this for a friend who is expecting a baby girl mid-December. I started it when she first found out she was expecting so it's been a long time in the making! I was hand-stitching it when I started, but then soon realized that it would take me a couple years at that pace so I ran out and bought a cheap little sewing machine. I had no idea how to do the corners, so they look horrible, but hopefully the baby will look past that! lol
This is a close up, I used buttons to secure the front to the batting and back piece of fabric (which I don't have a pic of, but it is the same as the trim I used) 
one more... )*edited to change the size of the first pic!
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My owl quilt arrived at its destination last night so I can finally show it off without ruining the surprise! ( Crafting teaches you many skills, patience being one of them! )

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I haven't posted in what seems like ages, so I thought that I would post some things that are recent as well as not so recent.
I can ride my bike with no handlebars... )

I have more images to come soon, I just haven't got around to taking the pics yet!
Thanks for looking and for all of your comments!
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In my baby mania I had to finish this quilt from a friend who had her baby in July.

Oops, my bad. But it is partially her fault for keeping his name a secret until after he was born. :)

Noah's Ark Baby Quilt )
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I know it's not as impressive as a cotton quilt, but this is the first time I've cut and pieced a blanket like this and wow was it a lot of work. Working on such a huge project was very time consuming, not that I didn't think it was going to be but very different from the mediums I usually work in.

Stack of fleece squares.

finished quilt and other photos this way )
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Do you guys know of any communities that do like, fat quarter exchanges or quilt kit exchanges? If there aren't any, there should be. It would be like a mix CD, but with fabric. :]


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