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Today I tried my hand at making a matching pen to go along with a notepad using patterned paper. It was a little tricky to get the paper inside the pen but I think it turned out okay.

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I've been practicing with my Cinch machine and am trying to get the hang of making spiral notepads. I do better with pre-cut paper, that's for sure! The covers on all of these were inserts in dollar store photo albums, I just covered them with cardstock before punching holes in the top.

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I made this for a swap on Craftster and was really pleased with how it came out. :)

I used a combination of card stock and scrapbook paper. The card stock butterflies I folded to bring their wings up, as if in flight. Some of the scrapbook ones I doubled, putting one directly on top of another to give it a 3D effect. Because of the depth of the shadowbox frame, there’s plenty of room for them to “flutter” their wings.

It’s a fun take on a traditional specimen or botanical print. No butterflies are harmed in the making of this one!

(You can see larger versions of the pics here on my blog.)
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My giftee may have had some problems, which prevented her from posting pics of the gift, so I decided to fish out the couple of cellpics I took from it and post them here.

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I hope she liked it. :)
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Hello crafty ladies!

I would like to make a card for a friend of mine using a photo. I would also like for this card to have some sort of almost scrapbooking-look to the background (Nothing fancy, just a design like some pretty pink scrapbooking paper).

I'd love to find a free website that can help me incorporate these ideas into a finished product-And recommendations?

(Oh, and I do no have an actual hard copy of the photo because I do not want her to know I'm making the card-I want to be able to use my mom's photo quality printer and matte photo paper to print the card, but if the only way to do this is to make a card out of card stock or something and then add the photo, I guess I can print the photo seperately and just use some of the scrapbooking paper I have here at the house-I was just SOOOO hoping for a much simplier way to accomplish this!)
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I'm not new to this community, but this is my 1st time posting. I've been scrapbooking since 2007 ever since I got with my boyfriend. So I have pictures of a 2007, 2008, and a smaller random scrapbook. I haven't finished December of 2008 nor have I started a 2009 one because I don't have the money right now, but as soon as I do have money to make them I'll be posting in here again.

I'm just going to post links to my photo bucket because I don't think people want to be scrolling forever for 80+photos hehe.




My main goal in posting this is sharing my hobby with others & to get constructive criticism on my work so I can get better or try to fix my pages. I named all my pages as "Page 1, Page 2, etc" so it'll be easier to comment on. Also its up to you where you want to comment at. You can on here or under my photos there is a comment box, but I think you can only type up to 100 characters.

Thank you for taking the time to see my work :)
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I hope this is ok, if not, mods feel free to delete.

I was looking at a web site and the person was using Liquid Pearls to make little embellishments for later use. I thought this would be an awesome idea since I make lots of cards and the little pearl dots can get pricy.

I am looking for a silicone "splat mat" of sorts so that I can make a punch of "pearls" for later use and also remove them from the surface I am dropping them on.

any clue where to find something like that?

EDIT: Thank you for all the awesome tips....I found just what I am looking for at Michaels.
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So, I recently started Digi-scrapbooking and I'm already addicted. Seriously. +laffs+

Anyways, here are some layouts I made using the kits credited below each Layout. These are the ones I did just for fun - not for challenges or anything like that. Enjoy!

There are [3] under here )

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Amazon list 390 books for Digital Scrapbooking. I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind telling me what books you like most? I want to know how to do some simple things like create



I want something Scrapbook focused but with a Graphic Design touch ? :/

Seeing as Borders, Books A Million, and Barnes & Noble probably only have like 3 books on this topic and my local library has none! You Guys + Amazon = my only hope.
Thank you!
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Yay, I made my second scrapbook page.. eva! I'm excited. If you all don't remember me - I'm sure you remember my page as I was the one whose baby was screaming 'not the microwave!!' at my husband because he was about to stick her in there.. she knew. =x

Well, here is my next page that I've done - yay - I have 3 pictures of the same page because I was trying the best I can to show off different things, the sparkley paper, the picture..etc. Yeah. =o\ Anyways, I hoope you all enjoy. =o) IT's my favorite picture of my daughter to daate and my husband took the picture in the hospital RIGHT after she came out [but she was cleaned up!] It was like the first picture of her! =o))

under here )

Enjoy. =o)

xposted to craftgrrl & scrapbookers
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So, I have a ton of Obama stuff from working on the local campaign, yada yada.

Question: What are all y'all's favourite scrapbooking sites? I'm looking for inspiration and materials.

I have some ideas. I think I want to affix the scrapbook to a box, because I have so many magazines, buttons and newspapers and I just like that idea.

Thanks for your time! :D
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Its coming up on our one year wedding anniversary and I'd like to make a scrapbook of our unofficial wedding pictures... This first year has been pretty tough with my husband currently out of work due to depression and his father being ill. I'd really like to have this as a positive thing to focus on ( and maybe even to get him to help me)

I've done paper craft for years, mostly card making so I have an idea if the techniques that can be used. Is there anything else I need to know about for scrapbooking (aside from acid free glue adn 12 x 12 paper... I'm all stocked up) I wonder if anyone has any good websites or links to examples of thier work... I've checked the memories and found some, but I know these things get out of date. Also I'm fully aware I could join a scrapbooking community, but the stuff produced here is always more original and inspiring than the standard "buy this paper, stick this on, et voila!"

Oh and so I'm not text only... some of my lovely cards...

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I'm a part of this journal project on [livejournal.com profile] get_a_journal there are 6 starters of journals and I am one of them. Each starter has to make pages for another starter, and other people can make pages for your journal.

my journal theme is "My Life In Pictures" There's a bunch of people already signed up to make pages for it. I'm really excited about it because I always have people draw and write in my journals. I've been scanning pages lately. I'll get on that a bit more, of what people have drawn/written for me instead of just stuff I've drawn.

But anyway. I signed up for "A pinch of This and a dash of That" The woman who has that journal project asked for recipes and stories. I've been scanning recipes that are very special to me. Things we eat on holidays and things I love in general!

I cut out 4 pieces of bright colored card stock to get myself started. The requirement was 2-4 pages per person.The pages are a specific size requirement so I figured that out as well. I chose colors that will complement the food well. ha For an obvious example. I'm doing apple crisp, and I put that on the red page construction. chile relleno casserole on a green page :D etc etc.

I've finished, and here are my creations, let me know what you think :D

here are the pages! )
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I posted this stuff in the comments of a recent post but I decided that I have worked so hard - I deserve my own post :p
Many hand made gifts for Christmas this year )I hope you enjoyed the results of my hard work and I hope my family enjoys it too! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I have a question.. what kind of glue do you use? I only have wood glue and rubber cement.. I know rubber cement get all acidic over time.. what acid free glues can i use? anyone know?
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Does anyone know of a glue that works well with Vellum? everything i've tried makes the vellum look weird. I think brads would work, but what about glue?

And, has anyone used the glue called "Yes!" if so, does it work good? no lumps or anything?



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