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Hi girls!
A crafty dilemma is going on here and I count on your good suggestions: I've these wood beads and I'd like to make a necklace. I made few tries but I think it's missing something, I just can't put m hand on it.. mmm. These are the first attempts:
PicMonkey Collage3
I tried to ask google and these are the images that caught my attention: inspiration 1..
PicMonkey Collage

..and 2
here )
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I'm looking to customise a pair of flats to create something similar to this design:


I'm thinking getting a nice, sturdy pair of flats and then making the wings as separate pieces and attaching them to the sides of the shoes. I would very much like suggestions for materials for the wings: what would would well, what should I avoid at all costs, and how to keep the wings from bending or sagging. I can picture how to construct the wings, but I would certainly appreciate any tips that you might be able to give me, and I would really like advice on how to attach them to the shoes in a nice, stable way (I don't want them wobbling and flopping around when I walk, or falling off and getting lost).

More detailed pic of the wings under the cut )

Oh, shoes.

Jun. 20th, 2012 04:05 pm
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I have been really needing some brown flats for quite some time but it's tricky finding some that fit well.

enter...the camouflaged shoes! )
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Hi girls, it's me again xD Hopefully this is allowed here.. I just wanted to share a series I write for my blog since a couple of months now: "DIY from head to toe", as write in the introduction >> here <<, it's about "weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly".

I posted the 12th episode on Wednesday, neon themed:

You can click on the pic to take a look, hope you'll like it :)
Have a nice w/e!!
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I've run into a bit of a conundrum; and that conundrum happens to be shoes.

These shoes in particular:
Orange and blue are all the rage in movies these days

And I am in need of your advice )
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I made these adorable bunny slippers yesterday, the second slipper is still drying, but I thought I'd show you how one has turned out so far. Rabbit this a way. )
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I knit these fluffy comfortable fitted bed slippers recently.


More photos! )
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I am obsessing over glitter these days, and now that News Years Eve has come and gone, I've had to come up with a creative way to keep the sparkle alive and kickin. While out shopping today, I found a pair of plain black sneakers that seemed a little too boring for my wardrobe, but before walking away from the buy I had quite the epiphany. I skipped on over to a craft store and bought some tacky glue and glitter, then headed home to start the project.

What you need:
- Ked-like sneakers
- Masking tape
- Craft Glue
- Loose glitter

Tutorial with step by step photos! )


Final step, love them.

Shoe art

Jan. 26th, 2010 08:31 pm
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Saw this today and thought I'd share 'cause it's flippin' sweet :)

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As many friends of mine are aware, I <3 shoes.

I had wet dreams about the shoes Louboutin put out for Rodarte's Fall 2008 show. Since I can't really afford shoes that are roughly $1k+, I decided to go DIY style. Which makes them slightly more punk rock anyway. And I finished them today! It's the first pair, I wanted to keep them chic and not too over the top. When I make another pair, they'll be all out nuts and fabulous - much more trashy glam with some chains added in. This is my 'classy goth killbot' pair.

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Yay shoes!

(I probably screwed up the LJ-cut on this since I never use that feature, so work with me if my post is all FUBAR.  I promise to fix it!)

SFF pair

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:35 pm
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Finally finished the second shoe to the Super Future Friends pair! No progress shots this time, sorry :(. Next time there'll be video, promise. For now, you get the detail shots. Oh- and for anyone who's interested in trying this out- Giant Tiger's selling white canvas shoes for ten dollars this week!! High tops for 15!

image heavy )

If you want to check out the first shoe I posted, go ahead.
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I guess I'm on a bit of a kick? I don't know. I did another shoe right after finishing my dad's. I already had the subject in mind this time.

images and cussing behind the cut )
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Finally got to work on this sucker. 

video under the cut )
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Hi there! First time poster here. Ah- well- I'm actually not familiar with crafts. I draw more than anything else. But a couple weeks ago a friend and I tried our hand at customizing a pair of shoes. We picked up a pair of white, canvas sneakers from Zellers and I brought over my markers and paint.


video behind the cut! )
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OKAY so i have this pair of leather-ish(not really leather but leather enough to be called leather) shaq sneakers thatre white but i want to paint them gold.

would i use regular spray paint or is there some sort of fabric spray paint? my mom swears there is but ive never heard it of. probably bc ive never spray painted clothing before. heh.

i figured yall would be the best to come to :|

ALSO: with whatever spray paint i use, putting a glossy finish on it would make it stay a little longer, right?


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