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I hosted an Inside the Envelope Swap on Tennessee Stampers Yahoo Group.  The only guideline was that we had to use paper that came from a security envelope for part of the project.  You know those envelope we get from the bank and credit card companies... This bird was punched from the inside of one of those.  So this was a recycle swap of sorts.

ATC of Bird


BIRD:  You will need a security envelope... I used one I'd gotten in the mail from the bank.  Use Stampin Up Bird Punch to punch bird and branch out of the security envelope. Those envys have the coolest patterns.

Use black ink to shade the edge of the bird and wing. Attach wing to bird with a pop dot so that the wing is raised.

ATC (Artist Trading Card):  

Hot Pink paper cut 3.5 x 2.5.    
Black paper cut 3.25 x 2.25.   Emboss black paper using  Texture Fades Embossing Folder By Tim Holtz: Dot Matrix  and the Big Shot.

Circle of Words:

Stamp in black Hope Will Give you Wings by Cat's Life Press on security envelope.   Punch out with 1" punch.
Punch 1.25 circle from pink paper.

This one just has a dot for the eye.  Some I did had a tiny jewel for the eye.  That gave them a little more bling.
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I made this for a swap on Craftster and was really pleased with how it came out. :)

I used a combination of card stock and scrapbook paper. The card stock butterflies I folded to bring their wings up, as if in flight. Some of the scrapbook ones I doubled, putting one directly on top of another to give it a 3D effect. Because of the depth of the shadowbox frame, there’s plenty of room for them to “flutter” their wings.

It’s a fun take on a traditional specimen or botanical print. No butterflies are harmed in the making of this one!

(You can see larger versions of the pics here on my blog.)
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hey guys! I don't know if this really counts as crafting, but I recently made a clay head on the theme of 'transformation' and thought I would share. It took a little over 2 hours. It's not been fired, but I'm thinking of giving it a dark green glaze or something (I don't know yet!)

under the cut )
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Hi! Long time lurker here. I've been wanting to get into hand carving stamps or larger blocks for a good while based off of my original doodles. So far I've only completed 2.

My second was a distelfink (german/european folk art bird):
Distelfink Stamp - Carved Stamp

more pics under cut )
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Hey y'alls. The other night I had the idea of purchasing some stationery, so I started cruising etsy. As I was looking at the designs I liked the most, I realized that I could do it myself. I am waiting for a package of lino blocks and a couple of speedball lino knife sets, it should be here tomorrow *squee*. I have never done any kind of printing before, my usual crafts are poly clay, needlework and some sewing.
I have done some googling (that always sounds dirty to me) on the subject and have determined that it's possible to do laserjet transfers just with water. Has anyone had success with this technique?
What are the best types of media to use for printing? Is it necessary for me to buy the ink too, or can I just use paint?
Any other general advice or tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.
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i recently made a post about my recent designs, and upon request of you guys, i'm back to update you all with what i've done with them!

+ the bangin' + panda hat girls are now in all hair colors!
+ they are all now in print + greeting card form!
+ i've added a new design dedicated to my love for pandas and their round little bums.
+ i'm uber excited with what else i may turn these designs into -- tote bags + possibly tees are coming soon! and with your suggestions, more stationary and even a coloring book might be in the works very soon!

now, onto the photos!

an expression of my love for bangs, bread, and pandas... )

and i'm so excited about this one;
my new "panda love" / "i could bum with you forever" design!

(print + greeting card!)

thank you so much for all of your sweet comments from my last post!
and for all of your awesome suggestions!

feel free to browse my main lj page to see links to learn more about them. :)

thanks for looking!


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Originally uploaded by thekateblack
[[ Divided Lines ]]

This book is made from recycled, repurposed 7" vinyl records.

Both covers are reinforced with silver tone mini grommets and bound with deep plum violet waxed linen thread.

- The book is approximately 7" x 5". (17.5 x 13 cm)
- Text block is approximately 4.5" x 5.5". (13 x 11.5 cm)
- 160 pages.
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Namaste Ke Andar Hai - Hapto

A piece of art based on this Sanskrit Mantra:

Aum, saha naavatu.
Saha nau bhunaktu.
Saha veeryam karavaavahay.
Tejasvi naavadheet amastu
Maa vidvishaavahay.
Aum, shantih shantih shantih.
--------------------------------------- -
Let us be nourished together.
Let us put forth great effort.
Let our learning be enlightening
and the conflict between us vanish.
Aum, peace peace peace.

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Elf tag

I made this little elf tag to use on my Christmas gifts to my family. And then I decided to make it a free download from my site to say thanks to everyone who visits my website and checks up on my blog and stuff! So go on and get yourself one!
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I finished this last night. I don't know if it technically falls under craft, but I was hoping nobody would mind :3

Rapunzel )

Done in Photoshop, took me around 4-5 hours. If you have deviantart, please look me up! I'm at http://waltzinghippie.deviantart.com
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Who honestly remembers that show? If you don't then I suggest you go no further.

Happy Halloween.
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Originally uploaded by thekateblack.
Red Snake.

The front covers of this book are covered in a cherry red paper embossed and printed to look like snakeskin. It's got the smooth, sleek feel of snakeskin, but is vegan-friendly. The interior covers are a thick, cottony white paper with red polkadots.

- 6.25" x 6.25" square. (15cm x 15cm)
- 200 pages.
- Bound with cherry red waxed Irish linen thread.

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Well, I have always wanted to get into doing altered art and have been an admirer of Nick Bantock's work.  I spent way too much money this weekend at Michael's and have created my first piece of art.  :D

It is on a 5 x 7 canvas board.  The background utilizes a glazing technique with acrylics.  The fish are decoupaged on.  The bottom is Oregon sand.

Now I just need to figure out what to use as a finish to ensure that the sand does not come off.  Any ideas?  Oh yeah...and any thoughts on framing methods?


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Maiden Spider  When I found this bit of sky blue chiffon in one of my fabric bins, I just about had a 
 stroke cause a big old Black Widow popped up from the side of the box next to it.

After whomping the tar out of it, I felt  a bit  better and decided I wanted to make a sweet , frilly...non-lethal spider.   I mean anything powder blue with sparkles shouldn't be able to kill you.
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I need to go to the ocean. I love documentaries on sea life.  I think I've watched every Cousteau show in existance. I know it's unlikely an octopus would ever be a burlesque queen, but that's the fun of creating fantasy art. I had a blast making these gals. I think the hardest thing was  painting all those dang shells and sewing most of them on Calimari's head.

Calimari Miranda is the dancer  on the left and Bubbles La Tour  is  on the right . If you wish to see more  pictures feel free to visit my site. You can find the link  at my personal journal.

 Watching an old Matt Helm movie with a bunch of burlesque dancers in it, was what gave me the idea for these 2 gals. I suppose if the audience was really into the dancing done by these 2 that they'd squirt ink everywhere. lol  Sorry... probably TMI.

 I want to do some more of this type of doll though. Seahorse dancers... maybe or might they be  too cute?
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I've been making these Crawling Eye dolls for quite awhile.They are a fun exercise in texture and color use. I  have their origin story  in my journal if you're interested.

 I adore old monster movies. My favorites are The Trollenberg Terror,  X-The UnKnown, The Creature From the Black Lagoon Trilogy(did you know a woman designed this monster? a real rarity in the 50's), The Blob, The Sound of Terror and The Black Scorpion(A Ray Harryhausen film.)... to name a few.

I like the fact that often one person worked on a creature like the scorpions from concept to completion of  the film. Now a days it takes 300 guys in chin beards  at computers to do the same thing.
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here's some more jewelry i made over the weekend, lots of pic under the cut

i'm sick and tired of 9-5 )
that's it for now... i'm slowly working on a pair of wacky capris but it's slow going because i need help form my mom, i'm not that great with patterned stuff, i'll post a pic when they're done. i also have stuff cut out for a purse but i need the motivation (really all of this is procrastinating from my drawing and painting, yay for selective creative blocks...)
anyway enough of that, have a great week everyone!
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jr__nalI am currently working on a Web site for my small art publication and as well as for my school project.

I need artists, photographers, and writers, crafters, everything artistic or musicially inclined.

I want to have a column for people who are interested in having art pals or have an art journal they would like to send back and forth!?

I need people who have creative tutorials they would like to share and put in the publication.

I need people who are into poetry and writing or journaling that either have tips for getting rid of writers block or would like to share a short writing.

I have a few people i especially admire looking at their art on here I would like to have them as an inspiring artist page.

If you have special or really cool photographs that just speak to your heart, I would like to include them.

All rights and recognitions would go to the person who created it or photographed it.

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I made this altered book from an old children's board book.
This little book is based around the theme of 'beauty' and includes vintage images of ladies, old pieces of lace and trimmings, beads, buttons, ribbons, etc... I have tried to use old, pre-loved, recycled bits and pieces to tie in with the vintage beauty theme.  I knew that those old broken beaded necklaces and lace trimmings that were in my sewing box, would come in handy! :)


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