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I have a friend who collects pigs, and has a pig-themed kitchen, so I've been planning on making her a little pig for a while now. Her birthday is next month, so I grabbed the free pig pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, pulled some yarn from the stash, and got to work.

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One of the managers at work was excited when she found out that I crocheted. She said that she loved the look of crochet, and that she still had the crocheted booties that relatives in the Dominican Republic had made for her sons. Then she said that her birthday and just passed, and I said that Christmas was coming up, too, lol. She likes natural shades of greens and browns, so I picked a nice combination (I think, anyway) and a nice pattern from Red Heart. She doesn't actually know that I'm making something for her, so it'll hopefully be a nice surprise.

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Forgot about these!

My niece is getting her teeth, so she's chewing on everything. I made her some soft chewtoys out of cotton yarn.

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I also covered my earbuds in yarn, following this pattern. Someone at work saw my earbuds yesterday and asked if I could do that for her son's headphones!

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Hi! I'm Kathryn, and I love all kinds of crafts, but my favorite is crochet!
I learned how to crochet years ago, but have only really been making things in the last two years. I'm working on lots of different projects right now, and not just crochet either. I also love to draw and sculpt (not really crafts, so I won't be posting that here). Anyway, here are a few of the things I've made recently.
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for those who may be interested.

remember my Little Ghosties i posted August 28?

the free amigurumi Little Ghostie pattern is available on my blogspot to be printed out and made! there's even a variant at the bottom of the page too... as of right now, it's still in progress.

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i have a few more critters planned, but here's what i've got so far!

my own creation, two Little Ghosties:

of course you have to have candy corn, cauldrons, and black cats....

and a witch. she really is little!

oh, those placemats on the table? they're there year round. ;)

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i made this for my friend F, since she loves Hello Kitty and purple:

she was very surprised when i gave it to her, since she had no idea i was even making it for her. =D

my friend J asked me to make her four kitties:

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there's a lot of stuff behind the cuts!

Zelda Zebra )
Flutterby )
el Stinko the Skunk )
Purple Dragon )
Creepy Cute Crochet )

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Elle the Elephant )


Ribbit! )

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R2-D2 )

Drama Llama )

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my friend Starrygirl (on another forum) really liked my original Hello Cthulhu, and commissioned me to make one for each of her sisters!

pictures back here )

these are, in fact, the correct size! =)

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i think i'm getting the hang of this. there's a tiny Cthulhu and a little kitten behind the cut )

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this little (??, he's actually kinda taller than i expected!) guy took four days to make. it's my frist amigurami, and i realise you can see the stuffing through the stitches. this was pretty much a "rough copy" so i could get a feel for what i was doing. as it turns out, my younger daughter M totally loves it. it's back here, because i just left the table coding from my blogspot journal. it was easier. )

this was x-posted at [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet and my own journal. you can see more of my stuff at Caren's Crochet Crafts too.
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I just finished my first crochet project tonight

Picture! )

It was a relatively easy pattern, I learnt a lot by starting with this pattern and will be starting a second when I can decide on what color to make him, as I've run out of gray yarn and cannot afford any more at the moment. I'm a huge fan of the movie and made this one for a fellow fan as a gift :) I hope you all enjoy!

The pattern can be found here (LJ link)
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Here are the pics of the mini Cthulhu I made for a friend. So very cute! The pattern is from here. (I did alter the pattern a little - I wanted the tentacles to be a little longer, so I added to the center and the two next to center.)

... )
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I decided I'm going to make crochet animals for my (future) baby room theme, which will be a Fantasy-ish Forest place.. with unicorns, fairies, woodland creatures, and such. :)

I started a Koala (yes I know, not really woodland, but he's so damn cute!)

Well, I got the body of the koala done, but the head has gone ALL wrong!!! XD

I tried making the head, but I don't know how it's supposed to look or if it's supposed to be just a circle.. but umm.. it looks like a doiley.

Here's the instructions for it:


I'm wondering if anyone knows how to crochet who can help explain the head!?

(Is it supposed to be just a circle or is it supposed to become a tubular shape like the body did???)

I started over today on the head, just a couple of minutes ago, cause that obviously wasn't how it was supposed to work.. I could barely make it look like a head shape.. so no good.. scrap!.. :P

I'm mostly having trouble because I don't know what it means when it says..

2 sc in 1 st sc, 1sc in next. or 1 sc in next 3 sc, I obviously didn't do it right the first time & my book (from the lib) doesn't explain.. :(


Thanks! :D
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a birthday present for my boyfriend: his favorite animal with it's favorite food. :)
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I posted my snail adventures earlier, and a few people seemed interested in the pattern... so... Ravelry link and Web link!
(I know the 'patterns page' link on this page doesn't work, I keep saying next month I will finish updating my web page... after the craft fair and the cookbook and the big project at work are all done... my only other two patterns are Bob the Blood Drop and a crocheted boob, also both on Ravelry.)

Go forth and make snails! :D
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I was just in the Stuffy/Plushie swap over on craftster and this is what I made!

It's a two-eyed, no-horned, walking, purple, people eater. )

And I got this ) back!
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From this pattern. I loved Totoro when I was a little kid and my sister loves it now. So, here it is, a cute little white totoro. Maybe I'll give it to her as a present... or maybe I'll keep it!
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This is a bag that I made for my cousin's baby shower. I gave her the bag, the two bunnies (named Humphrey and Henrietta Hare) along with a copy of the velveteen rabbit book.

Bag O' bunnies for a baby shower )


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