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Congrats to our winner [livejournal.com profile] itrain! Check your message box for a PM from me!

Stay tuned for our next contest!
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I know this has been done sooo many times, but I can't help making a t-shirt recycle too. I had two t-shirts that I don't like any more so I decided to made a reversible tote bag from it. Fortunately, I still have quite fabric left from one of the shirt, so I made fabric flowers and turned it into headband and necklace. 

As for tutorial, there are hundreds of tutorial on how to make fabric flowers and reversible tote bag on the web :) I'm sure most of you have seen those tutorials somewhere.

So here they are, the summer-ish accessories in the middle of winter.

( more photos )

ps: I would love to follow some craftblog in blogspot. If you have one, please let me know :)
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Last fall, Target had the cutest dress on sale for $10. There was one left, and it was my size and we were to live happily ever after.

Until the lining ripped :( The outer fabric is lacy and just sheer enough that I couldn't do without the lining that kept ripping a bit more each time I put it on. It's been sitting in my craft room, waiting for me to find the perfect solution.

Enter...the refashion! )
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Wanna make pretty "stained glass" butterflies for your windows, like this one:
...out of junk plastic?

Bonus! Requires little to no artistic talent! :D (Yanno, in case ya just don't got some! ;))

The kind of plastic I used was some I cut out from food containers, like the ones you can get donuts/cupcakes in at your local stores. As long as there's a flat piece of it, you can turn it into a butterfly! :D

Tutorial is this way!! )
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I had this urge to upcycle my old-and-already-torn jeans and my t-shirt, so I decided to make a bag from them. I used the leg part of the jeans as the sling and the flap, I used the t-shirt for the lining, and I use some nice remnant fabric for the flap, just to make it looks nicer.

(click the photo to see more photos of the bag)

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I'm on a roll with DIYs these days. I recently saw a cute & creative Countdown Frame on Pinterest (on which I waste my days away). I have a stack of picture frames we received as gifts from the wedding, that haven't been given a good use yet. I chose one that would fit a 5x7 photo and got to work recreating the project! Here's my version of the tutorial:

Items you will need:
- Photo frame (I used a 5x7, but you may use a larger or smaller one. Keep in mind that if you are using playing cards for the countdown numbers, the frame will need to be large enough for the card)
- Playing cards
- Clothespin (I used a mini "paper-clip" clothespin that I found a while back at Walmart)
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Name plate
- Cardstock (for the back & inside of the name plate)
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Tutorial under here! )

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Yesterday I posted about the current and upcoming Fall trend of Contrast Collars. I got crafty last night and created an easy-DIY project to share with you! Here we go...

Items you will need:
- Collared shirt in a pattern/color of your choice
- Chain link bracelet that has a clasp (I just found one that had been lying around)
- Diagonal pliers (or something that will cut through the bracelet)
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Iron
- Scissors

Tutorial under here! )

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I don’t know if this counts as recycle/upcycle, I've always called it re-purposing, but here is something I do.

I go to a lot of yard sales, I'll buy cross stitch kits. (If I remember right the most I've paid for one is 50 cents) It doesn’t matter if I like the design or not. I take the kit apart, put the canvas with that stash and the thread in my thread box. If it's printed I just use the reverse side.

I always have the canvas when I find a design that I want to make (I don’t do a whole lot of counted cross stitch and I don’t remember the last time I bought the canvas at a store) and I'm re-purposing something that was going to be thrown out anyway.

And here's something  I stitched with that.

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I’ve wanted a nice pair of retro high-waisted shorts for some time now. I found a pair while thrifting last night and decided to DIY! This tutorial also works well with other styles of denim shorts. 

Steps of the tutorial under here! )

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I took up yoga several years ago. The one thing I didn't have was a yoga mat bag. I decided I should make one and designed this bag from one I saw on Pintrest using a pair of my dad's old denim jeans. It cost me very  little to make and most important I will  keep my dad's memory alive. For fun you can add embellishments using appliques, paint sequins, etc. tutorial here
Read more... )

tutorial here )


Tutorial is here )Read more... )
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I am pretty broke at the moment so buying fabric isn't the most convient. I have worked around this by aquiring old clothes from friends and families to make these little guys

Sweater Monsters )
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The magnets post reminded me that I'd wanted to share this...even though I don't have a pretty new one to show off.  I hadn't realized how dingy this had gotten until I cleared the calendar for the picture!  I sense a night of crafting tomorrow instead of web-surfing.

My engineer husband loves dismantling broken things to salvage usable bits.  Sometimes I even agree with him on what's worth saving -- in this case, the industrial-strength magnets used in big old speakers & microwave ovens.  I'm talking magnets strong enough to hold a wreath onto my steel front door, or an 18-month family calendar onto the fridge.

They have some problems though.  They're ugly.  They're strong enough to scratch surfaces & pinch fingers.  And they're kind of slippery too, which makes scratching & pinching more likely. 

So I cover them in denim.  This picture shows one small one uncovered, and one larger one covered.    I sewed it into a little pouch like it was the most un-cozy stuffed animal you've ever seen.  I cut two circles maybe an inch wider than the magnet, sewed them together 3/4 around, flipped the pouch inside out, stuffed in the magnet, and handsewed the opening.  It's really weird the way the needle tries to stick to the magnet.


Normally it's almost completely invisible under two pairs of scissors, a screwdriver, and a dozen or so pieces of wire from Chinese takeout boxes, and a tube of minute glue. 

I've got plans with my 5yo to do the next one with felt and make it a big smiley daisy, when she comes back from Camp Grandma.

Safety note: Be VERY careful taking apart old microwaves -- the magnets are bound together in the "wrong" direction, so when you break the binding they will push apart abruptly.  The one I watched Rob dismantle, he slipped at the wrong moment, and one of the magnets flew across the room and hit the far wall.  Happily I was standing on his other side!

Oh, shoes.

Jun. 20th, 2012 04:05 pm
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I have been really needing some brown flats for quite some time but it's tricky finding some that fit well.

enter...the camouflaged shoes! )
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I took some hand towels that we rarely use anymore, as well as a couple I found at thrift stores, and I made a bunch of baby bibs.
Pictures are under a cut )
I also have some I have simply decorated with leftover ribbon. I looked at several different tutorials for towel bibs, and put a few ideas together from each for what works best for me. I kept the work to a minimum where I could, since I ended up embroidering a lot of them. Decorating with ribbon is even easier, though. I took the hand towel, and using a cd, I traced where the hole for the head would go. I made sure the front was longer but that there would be room in the back to go over the shoulders. I then took some old t-shirt scraps I saved, and I made tubed ribbing. I cut the strips about 13" long by 3.5"-4" wide. I wasn't super exact, I just wanted them wide enough that it would be easy to turn them. I then sewed them together lengthwise. After that, I turned them right side out. You can do this with ribbing fabric, but I just happened to have old t-shirts so it was double the recycle for me. Once I had them in a tube, I sewed the edges together to make it easier to work with. Then I pinned them all around the circle (the right side) I'd cut out of the towel. Pin pin pin! You should have to tug the ribbing a little to make it fit all the way around. I don't serge, as some tutorials suggest, nor did I divide mine into fourths, as most of them suggested. I just used the trusty zig zag stitch and went all the way around it. Sew somewhat slowly, as you want to pull the ribbing taut here and there so that you have it fit right once it is sewed on. 

Sorry it's not such a great tutorial. I'd have taken pictures in steps had I known I'd be entering a craft contest. But as I mentioned, I googled the tutorials and took a little information from several different places to see which one worked for me. These are super useful bibs, and long lasting. Even though it's all recycled, (and sometimes because it's all recycled,) people are always really happy to get these as baby shower gifts.

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New themed contest! 'til 7/3/12 @11:59 pm central we'll be running a little contest over here. To enter you make a craft that fits the theme of recycle/upcycle, post it and tag it contest#2. Each post will get you one entry and as an added bonus if you post a tutorial with your craft you'll get 2!!! extra entries. I'm going to toss everyones names in a jar and on 7/4 a winner will be randomly chosen by toddler.

What could you win?? $20 gift card to the craft store of the winners choice provided that the card can be bought online.

Don't forget that the craft must fit the theme of recycle/upcycle and the post must be tagged with contest#2 or I won't know to put your name in the jar!

Good luck and happy crafting everyone!

Closed! Our winner is: [livejournal.com profile] itrain


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