Oct. 10th, 2012

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Hello, lovely community. I'm pretty new at sewing and I would like to buy some nice, breezy, not heavy at all fabric to make skirts for myself. Could you let me know which types I could buy? I have a pretty simply pattern, so I hope it all goes well.
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Hello crafty people :)

Has anyone got any good recommendations for a brand/supplier of microglitter to use for craft projects, that is lightfast?
(The plan would be to mix it with epoxy resin to use as part of an instrument - we don't want it decolorising further down the line after all that effort).

Many thanks!
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Hi all! I have a random question for y'all. I'm currently making knotted bracelets with lettered beads for fandom friends and am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to permanently fix the lettering? I'm using dry transfers (Letraset and the like) on smooth glass beads. I've tried fixing with PVA/craft glue and artists varnish and while both work, they're not as permanent as I would like them to be.

Here's an example of one of the bracelets so you can get an idea of what I mean.

Thanks for any and all advice folks!
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Cooler weather prompted me to get ahead of myself on Christmas knitting. I made this set for my young niece:


I love this hat to pieces!


You can find details and free pattern information on my Ravelry pages. Hat is here. and convertible mittens/gloves are here.
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I spent last night customizing a pirate hat, for a steampunk-y pirate costume I'm working on! :)

The hat went from a generic fancy dress brown hat, to.... This:

Here's a comparison of the hat before and after I had my way with it. )

And for those curious, here is my quick-and-messy concept smush for the full costume :)
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Working on some brand new zombie pendants and woke up with horrible nightmares last night about zombies. I have had nightmares influence my artwork but have never had my artwork give me nightmares.

Funny thing is that I watch the tv show "The Walking Dead" and it doesn't bother my dreams.

Don't think this is a good thing.... Can you blame me? He turned out scarier than I planned!


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So I have these old (and empty) liquor bottles (Jack Daniels baby) and I was wanting to do some sort of craft with them.  When I googled anything with liquor or craft in it I was always getting lamp DIYs.  I'm wanting to do this for a friend (she loves JD) and she was already talking about making her larger bottle into a lamp.  So I don't think I want to fool with doing that. 

I saw, on pinterest, where someone made a lotion pump out of a bottle.  So I might do that with one of them (probably the smaller one). 

So I need ideas on what I could do with these.  I'm really stumped here.  I'd like to be able to keep the label on it because other wise it wouldn't be the same.


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