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My chair at work and the little felt cushion I made to help support my back.

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Hi everyone :)

Just wanted to share the hodge podge of crafting I do. And if you're lucky (or if I am) I'll be able to show some of these off as finished some day. Ha.

I have this great ability to come up with ideas, and start them but I fail at finishing anything.

The current big project is a wall hanging come tapestry. Based on the Battle of Agincourt it will be a massive hanging with appliqué, embroidery and a dash of quilting. So far I have the paper template sorted, I have one Longbowman stitched up (embroidering each part before being appliquéd onto the main backing) and all my components. With the exception of the fabric for the backing. Which is proving very hard to get here. Just some heavy, stiff, blue cotton. That's all I want. Not a blend, not a faint pattern, just plain. I might actually just end up buying blue bedsheets and be done with it.

Here is my Flickr stream for all my creativeness. Mainly painting and embroidery but you will also see how much of it isn't finished.

Thank you and I am new here on Livejournal - I've been joining creative communities at a rate of knots and I would love more creative friends!

Killough 0380
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May be somebody remembers, a week ago I posted three MUG RAGS. Well, it turned out they were first  pieces from a breakfast set I am making now. So the new additions are:

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Boy clothing seems to trend towards puppies! construction vehicles! dinosaurs! trains! Not that there is anything wrong with those (my kids actually really love dinosaurs) but finding cool boy shirts that don't cost more than my own clothing is pretty difficult these days.

So I made these shirts for my boys for Christmas. They are appliqued from felt, then I'm going to iron them on through the iron on transfer, then as a final touch embroider details. The shirts cost me $4 each, way cheaper than trying to find something they like online!

To the stars!

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Wow it's been ages since I remembered to post stuff here. I'm still drawing/painting/collaging/stitching peculiar beetles like the blazes!

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These are my favorite prints so far:

Polyphylla lime/lemon reduction printmy favorite drypoint printEudicella final print

Meet Rufus

Feb. 4th, 2009 12:52 pm
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This is a Norman knight based on the figures in the Bayeux Tapestry.

This was one of those projects that just took over once I had the idea. My friend is studying medieval history so I thought it would be nice to make a figure of a knight. Then I couldn't find many good references for 11th- or 12th-century armor so I started looking at the Bayeux Tapestry. The figures are so charming and lively, I was hooked. With the help of a couple of library books I designed this guy and learned a lot about the conquest of England in the process.

He's made of felt with applique, embroidery and couched thread. I tried to stay close to the handful of colors that were used in the "tapestry" which is actually an embroidery on linen with wool thread.

And a question: I want to make a wire armature for a project and it seems like the best way to hold it together would be soldering. If you work with wire and have other ideas, I'd love to hear them. If you have a soldering iron and have any tips, I'd love to hear those too!
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I have this bad sometimes.
Which means I don't get rid of things that I really should.
Like wee clothes that my children have grown out of.

See this happy cow?


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*This post is a re-post of an earlier post that I submitted today. It has been modified at the request of the moderator. Please excuse if you are seeing this twice! Thank you to all the nice people who left wonderful comments in the first post!
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Applique shirt and a hot dog bag )

I need some honest opinions on these, I need to know where I need to make improvements. Mostly I'm just glad to get these finished. Next, the ice cream bag!
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My grandma gave me some instructions on how to do appliques. I decided to give it a try.

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ok, i searched through the faq/memories section and can't find it. i want to make appliques but am apparently too dim to really understand any of the instructions i've seen online. in my head, i can sort of visualize what i need to do i just don't understand what happens after you've nipped your applique and are at this stage:

please help *sighs*
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hi! i'm in the process of making a shirt/tank-top out of a very plain grey fabric... i wanted to spice it up a little bit by adding a black cut-out (or is it called an applique??) of a seahorse on the front. i found a great stencil for one here: http://painting.about.com/library/blpaint/blstencil-seahorse1.htm

anyway, i was wondering if anybody who has done this sort of thing before had any advice/instructions for me? should i just sew it on close to the edge of the fabric or is there a better way of attaching it?? i am pretty new to sewing, so i have yet to master the art of fabric appliques...

any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


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