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Wanna make pretty "stained glass" butterflies for your windows, like this one:
...out of junk plastic?

Bonus! Requires little to no artistic talent! :D (Yanno, in case ya just don't got some! ;))

The kind of plastic I used was some I cut out from food containers, like the ones you can get donuts/cupcakes in at your local stores. As long as there's a flat piece of it, you can turn it into a butterfly! :D

Tutorial is this way!! )
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I'm on a roll with DIYs these days. I recently saw a cute & creative Countdown Frame on Pinterest (on which I waste my days away). I have a stack of picture frames we received as gifts from the wedding, that haven't been given a good use yet. I chose one that would fit a 5x7 photo and got to work recreating the project! Here's my version of the tutorial:

Items you will need:
- Photo frame (I used a 5x7, but you may use a larger or smaller one. Keep in mind that if you are using playing cards for the countdown numbers, the frame will need to be large enough for the card)
- Playing cards
- Clothespin (I used a mini "paper-clip" clothespin that I found a while back at Walmart)
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Name plate
- Cardstock (for the back & inside of the name plate)
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Tutorial under here! )

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I have (maybe not-so-wisely) taken on the role of VBS (Vacation Bible School) director at my church this year. Having had tons of inspiration, it's been an exciting process so far, however I've run into a bit of a crafty roadblock.

I want to make trees. Big, 6-7-8 foot trees, preferably out of cheap materials, since we don't have much of a budget... but I don't want them to look like they were thrown together with no thought. I have tons of boxes from a recent move, and my original plan was to use those, but that isn't working out especially well. Short of making patchwork trees with bits and pieces of the not-very-big boxes, I'm stumped. Anyone have experience making trees for props? I'll take any advice I can get.
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I guess this might not be considered crafty per se, but I thought I'd share an unusual way to display photos or give them as gifts. Feel free to remove this post if you don't feel it belongs here.

Bottled Photo 007

I have been wanting to display this photograph of my parents on their wedding day, so I decided to stuff them over rocks in a bottle with a cork stopper.
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I had a really old cabinet that I turned into a display shelf and I kept the door thinking I would find a use for it later. I transferred this image of an old cologne ad onto it and as you can see, it really blurred. I put it aside, thinking I would sand it off and start over but I didn't want to lose the patina. After looking at it awhile, I decided that I like the smudgy rough old look of it and I'm leaving it alone. Perfection is over-rated.


I'm linking up to a tutorial (again! some more!) on how to transfer images using solvent, and the only thing that's different, is that you have to rub harder if you're transferring onto wood. See it here.
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I framed this print today. I found this image I loved and printed it onto thin cotton fabric using my ink jet printer, and made a mat using fabric and ribbon. My father custom made the frame for me years ago and when I tired of the needle work that was in it, I decided to make up my own mat because they're expensive to have cut to size at the framing shop where I live.


I'm placing a tutorial on how to make the mat out of fabric and ribbon under the cut. )
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My family moved recently, and I finally got around to doing some decorating in the new house. I decided to start with the bathroom, since it's small and doesn't need a) bookcases (my sitting room) or b) an upgraded bed (from twin to full in my bedroom). A while ago I bought a colorful shower curtain, curtain rings, and over-door hook all on clearance at work and then packed them away, because I shared a bathroom with my dad. Now I have my own bathroom!

The shower curtain, rings, and hook have been up since we moved in, but I just recently decided to start adding more color to the room.

I remembered seeing, on some HGTV show or maybe in a magazine, about taking pieces of fabric and framing them as art. So I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of cheap frames all in black. Then I hit the fabric store and bought fat quarters in colors that matched my shower curtain. I took the glass panes out of the frames, cut the fabric slightly bigger than the glass, wrapped it around the panes, taped it in place, and put it back into the frames.

Voila! )

I plan on painting one of the walls the same pale pink that's in the shower curtain, and I have some pictures from my trip to Paris that I'm going to hang in here as well.
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i have decided (finally) how i want to decorate my kitchen.  i picked up an adorable pair of salt & pepper shakers at cracker barrel a while back - tiny little toadstools, and as i already have a mushroom cookie jar i figure i'll just go from there.  i'd like to put a mushroom border of some kind up on the walls but i'm not finding what i really want.  there's a ton of vintage mushroom kitchen stuffs out there & while i like it, i don't want my kitchen done in only brown & orange :/

i've come up with a few options & would like some feedback :)

1 - buy a wallpaper i like (still haven't found THE ONE yet) & cut it into strips to use as border

2 - buy peel & stick decals (again if i can find some i like) and use those as a border

3 - buy white border (or maybe white with blue trim) and use stencils/stamps to add my own mushrooms

i really don't want to stamp/stencil/paint directly on the walls as we are currently renting.  are there any options i haven't thought of?

i'm trying not to break the bank here...i found a wallpaper i loved...but at $156 a roll...um yeah...NO.
so help me out here please, grrls...i need me some mushrooms :D

ETA:  thanks for the suggestions :)  i love the fabric idea...just maybe not for the mushrooms.  i see new decorations in my daughter's future...lol
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I spent a good night making a few of these giant paper flowers to hang over my bed.
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I am always looking for cheap ways of doing things I see in stores that want a lot of $$$ for the item, and I made this small jute twine sphere yesterday for pennies. The large one is made from a grape vine and while I love it, I paid too much for it.

Jute Twine Spheres 002small

A close-up and instructions are here. )
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While cleaning out the workshop yesterday I discovered this old toolbox my Dad would have made over thirty and maybe even over forty years ago. It sat neglected behind the furnace full of rusty nails. I hauled it out and cleaned it up thinking I could definitely find a better home for it. I have! I've placed cutlery in mason jars and tied up napkins with jute. This will make a handy caddy for dining outside in warm weather, and I just love how it looks sitting on my sideboard.

Tool Box 001

I found an old advertisement for grain at The Graphics Fairy and applied it using CitraSolv which I didn't realize could be used to transfer images to wood. It totally can!

Another photo and link to a transfer tutorial here )
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Beer Label Coasters:

I had too much time on my hands when I found myself thirsty for the sweet taste of Michigan. So, I took action to remedy three birds with the same bandage.

Materials used:

• synthetic brush
• glue
• varnish
• felt stickers
• floor tiles
• beer labels

Step 1:
Drink a six-pack of beer.
(If you are a person on a tight schedule, like I am; I recommend combining step 1 with step 2)

Step 2:
Drive to the home improvement store.

Step 3:
Purchase synthetic brush, felt stickers, glue, clear gloss polyurethane and tiles of various size and color to match your labels. My tiles range from 3½ - 4 inches.

Step 4:
Peel label off beer bottle and glue to chosen tile. I used the brush to ensure an even spread of glue and applied pressure with a rag for a clean and flat adhesion of label to the tile. Let glue dry.
Step 5:
Coat label and tile with a coat of polyurethane and let dry. This will protect as well as make it look beautiful. Let dry and repeat step five to your liking. Personally, I did two coats of varnish on my coasters.

Step 6: Apply felt stickers to each corner on the back side of the tile. This will protect your furniture from being scratched by the coaster. (To be even more resourceful, use a straight edge to chop a wine cork and apply glue to adhere to the four corners of coaster)

Enjoy your coasters!
and in all serious, do not drink and drive. Be responsible!
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I made some whales using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. The big one is a cushion for our sofa, and the small ones are gifts for friends.

sofa picture )

Here's a (not so great) photo of the cushion on our sofa. My boyfriend says he wants a manatee shaped one now.
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I made it especially for my daughter, in order to encourage her to eat a variety of healthy breakfast... I'm not sure it will help, but why not to try?! =)))

Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.
Альбом: 20 февраля 2012 г.

more photos at my picasa web album
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I've been in love with the idea for a magnet board such as: (THIS) since I first it posted. However, the poster used a decorative radiator covering as part of it. For the life of me, I cannot find any in the hardware stores here. So, here's where you come in my crafters! Do any of you have an idea as to what I could use to substitute for the radiator covering?

ETA: Thank you for your input, everyone! I found what I needed to make the board :)

And just sharing the first felt "plush" I've ever made. He's kind of iffy looking, but my hand stitching will get better (hopefully). Sorry for huge size + instagram'ed look, it's the only picture of it I currently have. 
It's Gir! )

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I very much like to make a nice presentation when I give a gift, and I have come to love simple rustic wrapping. Using general kraft paper and jute from the dollar store is inexpensive, gender neutral, and gifts can be decorated for just about any occasion.

Here's an example. )
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Hey everyone,

I recently posted here asking about the best way to paint a plain ceramic piggy bank for my brother's Christmas present. I eventually found some ceramic paint and with only half a week to go until Christmas I finally got it done.

Next time I'd probaby give myself more time to do it and use a better quality brush.

More Pig pictures ahead )

I also made a tea cup pincushion as a Christmas present for a friend. It was super easy and it was a good way to use up an old teacup.

Also, it seems I need some more help. I've got these cheap shelves that are super ugly. And I sanded them down and primed them and I was going to decorate them with wrapping paper. I cut the paper a bit bigger than the panel I was going to cover and I painted a square of decoupage medium down and laid down my first bit of paper. I then painted the next bit of shelve and tried to flatten out my next peice of paper. I did this for the whole panel and it failed horribly. The paper wrinkled and I tried to smooth it out and just tore the paper. I tried to cut the paper smaller and use less glue but it still failed. I have just enough paper left to cover the shelves and I figured I'd ask here since you guys were super helpful last time.

Pictures of Failed shelves behind the cut! )

I tried to tag this post but LJ wouldn't let me.

Thanks all, (I'm sorry if this is super long).
ETA: Fix a few spelling mistakes
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I put together Charlie Brown's Christmas tree yesterday. I've been wanting to make one for years. I found the perfect 'tree' at a dollar store and made the base from two paint sticks glued together. The tree was tipping too easily (I have cats, they are bad.) so I had to glue on a 1/2 inch wood block which I drilled a hole into the center of. The ball is glass, so I wired it on, see earlier explanation of bad cats.


I may wrap a blue cloth around the base the way Linus did, but I haven't decided.
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A few of you may remember this post ( http://craftgrrl.livejournal.com/13669901.html ) where I remade a couple ornaments... I only have a couple more things to post.

My nephews ornament (Desmond Jr). I made my sister one for herself, her hubby, and her baby :) I loveeeeee making these. I'm in the process of making one for every member of my family for my tree.
Right this way for 2 other Christmas goodies )


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