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I spent last night customizing a pirate hat, for a steampunk-y pirate costume I'm working on! :)

The hat went from a generic fancy dress brown hat, to.... This:

Here's a comparison of the hat before and after I had my way with it. )

And for those curious, here is my quick-and-messy concept smush for the full costume :)
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Hey Craftgrrls (and guys!). I'm a long time community lurker but this is my first post.

Basically, my boyfriend is a huge fan of the game Darksouls. He's a big fan of the character Sif; a large wolf who eternally guards his master's tomb and carries a large sword with him.

My boyfriend has a dog (an American Eskimo) and has said before he'd like to have a plush sword toy for her to play with so he can take pictures of her as Sif.

Now, I'm not amazing at sewing (I'm really new to it), and I'd be hand sewing the project, but I'd like to try to make one. I've made flat teddy bears before, so I figure something basic like that would be okay. I've done some searching for inspiration and haven't been able to find any patterns for plush swords that I've really liked. Could anybody point me in the direction of sewing resources that could help me get on my way?

Beyond the Cut are Reference Pics )
I figure I won't be able to do the different patterns on the handle of the sword, but if I could get the basic shape of the sword itself, I'd be super happy. And of course, I'll post the finished product here!
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Hello ladies!

Only just discovered this group, loving what I've seen so far. I draw and paint a lot (or I used to, anyway, and I want to get back into it), but my main obsession currently is costume making, mainly CATS the musical inspired, so I figured I'd share some of the arm/legwarmer sets I've knit lately!

so much knitting~ )

And a bonus full CATS costume - my latest one )
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We are going to NY to visit my sister and her family. These are some presents we are taking with us (and yes, they are all handmade).

Read more... )
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60 hours of work, 1,234 4" squares, 16,042 inches of seams sewn... They are completely lined (all white) and weight a TON (good thing the song is only 2 minutes long!). And I now know how to make a reversible 25-yard skirt!


Another pic and an older skirt here! )
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Hello! I'm new here, but my mom was telling me about this place, and how much she loves the community~ She's always showing me projects from here!

Anyways~ I'm looking to make part of an outfit from a character in Bleach, Halibel, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make the collar of her top. Are there maybe any patterns that I could modify to achieve what I'm looking to do? Is there a way to keep it up around my face like that? I'm thinking pipe cleaners in the color to keep it up or something, but if you have suggestions, please tell me! Also, what kind of fabric would you recommend for me to make this out of? The convention that I'm going to be wearing this to is in May, so I assume it will be hot outside. Reference pictures are below. Thank you for any help!

One | Two | Three | Four
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Hello craft girls and guys! First post here, but I'm afraid it's a question. I looked through the memories first and couldn't find anything, but please do tell me if I've missed something!

I just decided to go to a Halloween party tomorrow, and the theme is Rocky Horror. After a bit of Google-fu, I've settled on trying to dress up as Columbia. I've never made/bought a costume before (sad, I know), and was wondering if anyone knows how to do a facsimile of her costume on the cheap? I'm a (broke) student, so the cheaper the better. I'm not immensely bothered with accuracy, but I'd like it to be recognizable! I live in the UK if anyone has any cheap shop suggestions.

Thanks so much!


Oct. 26th, 2010 09:01 pm
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hey crafty grrls. i'm being leela from futurama for halloween and having a hard time making the cyclops eye. do you girls have any ideas? thanks in advance!!! =)
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last nite was houston's 11th annual gothic beauty pageant. my friend and i spent a week sewing, hot gluing and laughing our asses off.
i created a dress from a burda pattern with alexander henry's lorenza print. i also flat lined it in skully print cotton so it's reversible.
i bought a $3 straw hat from a thrift store and added fabric, flowers, tulle, faux pearls, fake diamonds, mini xmas ornaments, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, butterflies and feathers.
then i made a fox stole out of faux fur and added the head and legs out of felt.
i made a button-on silk daisy with ribbons and tulle, but i got drunk and lost it in the club. :/

since everybody but my friends takes the pageant seriously, we thought we were going to be insta-hated when we walked in.
we were insta-loved. i made so many fans and had so many people dance with me and ask to take a pix with me.

8 pix of the creation of the hat )

4 pix of the complete outfit )
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I've just finished an vintage-inspired American-Cabaret bellydance bedlah. A friend and fellow dancer here in Tokyo commissioned me for it.

Belt and link to more photos )
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Alright, Halloween is around the corner, and I am a huge procrastonator on my costume.
I've finally figured out what I want to do, and since I'm in a time crunch, I need to figure out how to go about doing it.
So I ask for your help/ideas.

I want to be ON FIRE for Halloween. I don't want to be fire. I want to be ON FIRE, without actually being on fire...

So I was thinking of putting some burn marks on some old clothes, and attaching flames. Problem is, I don't want felt flames... I want it to look as realistic as possible, without someone throwing water on me of course.

So what are your suggestions on this? I'm terrible at sewing, and my friend who is actually capable of doing such things lives in a different state now. So, anything not requiring sewing, or requiring very little sewing is best.

I've googled for pictures, but all I've found is people being fire or firemen or devils, so its not helping me.

Thanks in advance!
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In honor of Where the Wild Things Are, I made a hat similar to Max's to wear to midnight showing of the movie!!

I found the lovely pattern and tutorial here,
i made a few minor tweaks, I didn't make wiskers because I didn't want to poke anyone, and I used pop sickle sticks in the ears to keep them upright.

I have a few more photos on my blog



Oct. 13th, 2009 09:10 am
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I have to put this out there a a way of motivating myself to get it done. If you people know about it, then maybe it'll keep me from shaming myself into giving up on it.

I'm a HUUUUGE Labyrinth fan, and this Halloween my husband and I to go as Jareth and a goblin. I am 100% making both costumes, and after looking at the few forums talking about Jareth cosplay, I have come to find that NO ONE ever talks about how to make that damned upturned cape collar. I have fashoned a mechanism for this cape (thanks to wire hangers and electrical tape), and have not yet finished sewing the fabric over it. I still have a tunic and cloak to make for my goblin after that, and I have a day before Halloween dress I'm making out of a shirt that my husband didn't like, but have generally abandoned for the sake of these costumes. I'll post pictures when i'm done if you like, but please, try to encourage me into finishing this stuff before it's too late and i have to wait till next year to use the $50 of fabric spen for this. T_T
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Halloween is upon us, and I need to make some pirate hats for my crew (yarrrr). Anyone know of a good tutorial or pattern?
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Hey all! I've been so super busy, I haven't been able to read this community or post at all. However, I just finished part of my costume for tomorrow night's costume party and I really wanted to share it.

I'm going as the Mad Hatter, my own sort of version, not any movie version in particular. As I was making the hat, it started to look a bit steampunky so I kinda ran with it.

Have a look!


larger pics, more angles )

The top hat came from a Halloween costume shop. The tea sets are from a dollar store. They had Disney characters on them and I just painted over them with black acrylic paint first and then the metallic colors. Just about everything is glued on with E6000.
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So I would like to make a Max costume from Where the Wild Things are, I'm not sure how to make the crown, any ideas?

Also, anyone know where to get some adult sized footed-pajamas? :)

Thanks :)
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This Halloween i'm being un creative and wearing the same costume i wore last year.

my Max (from where the wild things are) Costume
the problem is that i have worn it after Halloween and the ears got droopy so i need to make his crown, anyone have any tutorials or links on how to make a good sturdy fabric or felt crown?

in case you don't know who I'm talking about here is a picture

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I'm going to a formal masks-required masquerade ball and I need to come up with a way to wear a mask that somehow accommodates my glasses. I can't wear contact lenses and there's no way I can go without them. I'm not having any luck in costume shops as I expected, so I'm thinking I will have to make my own...but I don't really know where to start. I've been searching but am not really coming up with anything that would work...any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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