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Hello! I'm new to the comm and this is my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

A few months ago, my husband and I found a barely-used Dora the Explorer backpack at a car boot sale. Our daughter loved it, but I couldn't help noticing it was missing something - the all-important Star Pocket! I took a notion and decided that I'd try to make one. Here are some pics I took during and after making it.

I forgot to take a picture of the materials I used, but here's a quick list:

* Felt in purple, red, yellow, blue, green, and pink.
* 6in zipper
* Needle and (purple) thread
* Hot glue gun and glue

First I cut the shapes I needed. The star shapes are about 8 inches in diameter and the connecting strip is about 2 inches wide. I attached the zipper to the connecting strip before I sewed it to the star shapes.

One thing you might notice is I actually ended up sewing the wrong side, but, in the end, you can't really tell and my daughter doesn't care, so woohoo! I'll know better for next time.

I made happy little stars to go inside, using the hot glue gun and different coloured felt pieces. She loves to take them up and throw them in the air, shouting "catch them, catch them!"

More glue gun action went into creating the multi-coloured front of the pocket. I also added a loop to the back of the pocket so that I could attach it to a keyring. I then used that to connect it to an open loop on the backpack rather than trying to sew the pocket completely onto it.

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It's my first post here (no more lurking for me ;)), so, hello, everyone. 

After I got a gorgeous skein of Dale of Norway yarn as a gift, I immediately knew it was going to be my beret. But, the beret-to-be needed an embellishment, so I came up with a brooch. 

Made of pheasant feathers (some of them naturally iridescent), lots of glue and a piece of felt. Mess obtained equals only the fun I had. The design, if you can call it so, is entirely mine. And entirely random. 

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Baby bag

Sep. 1st, 2012 10:07 am
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After my sister had her baby in January, she had a ton of crap she was hauling between her house and ours. She asked me to make a bag to hold everything so she only had to bring one bag. So I dug out some twin-sized flat sheets that weren't being used, did some measuring, and got to sewing.

Bag behind here )

Now that the baby's older, my sis doesn't need to carry as much crap (also, she left some stuff at our house so she wouldn't have to haul stuff between houses), but I'm sure the bag will get used again when the baby gets to be a kid.
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I had this urge to upcycle my old-and-already-torn jeans and my t-shirt, so I decided to make a bag from them. I used the leg part of the jeans as the sling and the flap, I used the t-shirt for the lining, and I use some nice remnant fabric for the flap, just to make it looks nicer.

(click the photo to see more photos of the bag)

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I made these quick and easy fabric flowers that can be used for many different things such as hair accessories, embellishments on t-shirts, scrapbooking pages, hang tags, and more.

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I took up yoga several years ago. The one thing I didn't have was a yoga mat bag. I decided I should make one and designed this bag from one I saw on Pintrest using a pair of my dad's old denim jeans. It cost me very  little to make and most important I will  keep my dad's memory alive. For fun you can add embellishments using appliques, paint sequins, etc. tutorial here
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I've been travelling for quite a time, and I thought, what's better than a nice passport and travel document wallet that fits all my travelling need? Especially when you're inside the plane and need to fill all the long immigration cards and stuffs? So I made this passport wallet that has pockets and pen holder, which also big enough to put my e-tickets and stuffs.

I found the cover fabric at an op-shot. It's a nice vintage screen print pink flower fabric. What I love most is the brand marking near the selvage, and I thought, it's quite cute to showcase this marking. Unfortunately I did something wrong with the sewing, so the inside is quite skewed to certain side. But it happened, so....

Here it is, my pink passport and travelling wallet :)

( more pictures here )
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I hope this is allowed, I didn't see anything banning it in the FAQ, but if it isn't, I apologize and please delete this.

I'm a librarian in San Francisco, California and as part of our Summer Reading Program, we're holding a program teaching people how reuse old sweaters to make fingerless gloves. It will be on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 2-4pm at the Chinatown Branch.

fingerless gloves
(Follow the fake cut to library website)

If you're interested and in the area, please feel free to attend! This program is free and open to everyone able to attend. Registration is required though.
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Shortly after my sis had her baby, we all (mom, dad, me, sis, and baby) went out to a home & garden show. My sister went to the bicycle shop beforehand and bought one of those orange safety flags that bike riders use, and put it on the stroller so we could find her when we all got separated from each other. Then we all started joking about how she should have different flags to fly, like the pirates used to, and well, next thing I knew she and I were at the fabric store buying fat quarters.

Hoist the colors! )

Here's a couple of pictures showing how the flags are attached to the stroller.

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First time posting, hope everything's okay. ^^"

Couldn't decide which item to pick, so here are a few favs -

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or at least this is what I want to believe in.

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Aug. 27th, 2004 11:42 pm
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I was asked to do a tutorial for this:

Sorry some are weird quality...photobucket is weird. )

I hope I explained it all ok, if you have any questions...just ask.


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