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Nice and blocked and everything!


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It's my first post here (no more lurking for me ;)), so, hello, everyone. 

After I got a gorgeous skein of Dale of Norway yarn as a gift, I immediately knew it was going to be my beret. But, the beret-to-be needed an embellishment, so I came up with a brooch. 

Made of pheasant feathers (some of them naturally iridescent), lots of glue and a piece of felt. Mess obtained equals only the fun I had. The design, if you can call it so, is entirely mine. And entirely random. 

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Hello everyone!

I've never posted here before so I thought to introduce myself I would share a scarf that I finished making last night. Its a birthday gift for my mom next month and she loves dark reds and burgundies.

There was no pattern which was new for me, I just sat down and started playing with stitches. In the end I settled on 20 rows of single crochet at each end and an uncounted amount of half double crochets for the main body of the scarf. I had to google how to add fringe but besides that it was all me! :) /proud

Ignoring the fringe its 60 inches long. Also, this is my first scarf. I normally just make afghans and blankets. I almost feel like a knitter or something, making a wearable lol ;)

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Hey guys, this is my first post here. I had a lot of spare bracelets and ribbons that I found recently, and I decided to make a dreamcatcher for my friend from inpatient treatment. I'm going to mail it today, and just wanted to share with you all! (although it's not very good!) I hope you like :)

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I have made the silliest mistake - when finding a wonderful, distinct yarn on sale, I did not buy every single ball they had. Now I'm 3/4 through a project, have run out of yarn, and the store is not getting that brand in any more.

The brand is 'Palette Collection The Artistry of Yarn' and I am not finding an online presence for them anywhere. I'm going to spend tomorrow ringing every craft store in town trying to find someone who stocks the brand, but I don't have exceptionally high hopes.

Is anyone here familiar with this brand? Do they have a parent company or is there some site out there that stocks them? Heeeeeelp!
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This is the before picture. Beautiful, undyed, handspun wool.
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Jan. 10th, 2012 02:31 pm
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I have some yarn that I bought a while ago, and only have so much of it. It's lovely yarn, beautiful colors and so soft, but I only have as much as I have. Is there a website or something where you can go and say, "I have this much yarn, show me crochet patterns using only this amount of yarn"?

The yarn is Debbie Bliss, cashmerino chunky. Each ball is 65m/50g.

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::ETA:: I didn't realize you could search Ravelry by yardage. Observant, me? Thanks!

milk yarn

Feb. 18th, 2010 06:51 pm
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So maybe this isn't completely relevant here... but does anyone here know anything about milk yarn? I found some here and I was like what??? So if anyone had any information, it would be appreciated.  :) If not I may just have to splurge!

Yes, I have googled it a little, but I was hoping for first hand knowledge from actual crafty people :P

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This is my epic Old Gregg doll complete with his own bottle of Bailey's. He's a character from The Mighty Boosh, a British comedy show that just got popular here in America recently. It is a birthday gift for a friend who just got heavily into British comedy, hooray! He stands a huge 21" tall and is made of worsted weight acrylic yarn, polyfill, plus a tiny bit of felt for his tie. I hope you enjoy!

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This is a bag that I made for my cousin's baby shower. I gave her the bag, the two bunnies (named Humphrey and Henrietta Hare) along with a copy of the velveteen rabbit book.

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Hello friends,

So. I am working on a little project for my friend's bday, coming up quick here on Thursday. I started out making her a little elephant, but quickly realized that I didn't have nearly enough yarn.

So, the elephant morphed into a little crochet vase.

The vase is coming along nicely, but it needs to be stiffened. There are a few diff ways I've found - starching it, using a sugar/H2O mix + acrylic sealer, felting it, so on and so forth.

My question is this: the yarn that I'm using is a mohair yarn. What, in your high opinion, is the best way to go about toughening up this vase a little so that it will maintain it's shape? I'd rather not ruin the yarn if at all possible as it is a lovely color and texture.

Thanks much!


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And I can't find it anywhere. If you want to try and help click the cut, if not then just look at this new hat I made! I love YARN BEE!

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today was a slightly futile experiment in natural dyes without mordants.
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I like socks. and I wanted to try to make some stitch markers.
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Yup. a whole bunch of it. And finally got around to documenting it.

These yarns I’d made recently that fall squarely into the “alt” or "artyarn" category… and were made using reflective yarn, and ribbons, a whole bridesmaid dress, a freakton of garment labels and washing instructions, a faux hermes scarf, faux fur, tulle, and “Stryper: To Hell With The Devil” cassette tape. Woot!

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Full (offsite) Gallery Here

busy busy!

Jan. 29th, 2008 10:51 pm
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I've been busy making lots of yarn. I hope to have more photos up soon... I've been too busy making yarn to take photos!

But here's one with some great bright colors. Enjoy!

Blueberry Pie


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