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 made this to decorate my area at work for Halloween at the behest of my team lead. I'm quite pleased with how it came out, I have only been crocheting for a few months now. I edited a pattern for Marvin the Robot (from Hitchhikers Guide) in order to do this, I'm not sure how she came out so big. I know I miscounted/stitched some extra rounds or INC where I shouldn't have somewhere because I had to stitch some stuff together at the top that you can't really see now but I made another one after I finished this one and it was so much smaller, much more like the marvin that I made from the pattern. I used a red sharpie on the yarn to make the blood look, it was originally suppose to be a corporate zombie which is why its in black and white but here we are lol. I have a sort of pattern for anyone who wants it but honestly I mostly winged it!
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Marco Polo the cat likes to help model the crochet...

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I was given a pile of yarn, much of it variegated, a while back. I was a new crocheter/knitter but I quickly realized that multi-colored yarn is much harder to make look nice than solids, even solids in weird colors. Looking for patterns for variegated yarn on-line brought up lots and lots of potholders. >.>

So, after many trials and much experimentation, I've come up with a few guidelines that might be helpful to other people who find themselves with some 'oh, but it looked so pretty in the store' yarn. So, er, some of my projects and probably more than anyone wants to know about variegated yarn are over here.
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Hello everyone!

I've never posted here before so I thought to introduce myself I would share a scarf that I finished making last night. Its a birthday gift for my mom next month and she loves dark reds and burgundies.

There was no pattern which was new for me, I just sat down and started playing with stitches. In the end I settled on 20 rows of single crochet at each end and an uncounted amount of half double crochets for the main body of the scarf. I had to google how to add fringe but besides that it was all me! :) /proud

Ignoring the fringe its 60 inches long. Also, this is my first scarf. I normally just make afghans and blankets. I almost feel like a knitter or something, making a wearable lol ;)

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I have a friend who collects pigs, and has a pig-themed kitchen, so I've been planning on making her a little pig for a while now. Her birthday is next month, so I grabbed the free pig pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, pulled some yarn from the stash, and got to work.

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One of the managers at work was excited when she found out that I crocheted. She said that she loved the look of crochet, and that she still had the crocheted booties that relatives in the Dominican Republic had made for her sons. Then she said that her birthday and just passed, and I said that Christmas was coming up, too, lol. She likes natural shades of greens and browns, so I picked a nice combination (I think, anyway) and a nice pattern from Red Heart. She doesn't actually know that I'm making something for her, so it'll hopefully be a nice surprise.

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Forgot about these!

My niece is getting her teeth, so she's chewing on everything. I made her some soft chewtoys out of cotton yarn.

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I also covered my earbuds in yarn, following this pattern. Someone at work saw my earbuds yesterday and asked if I could do that for her son's headphones!

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Hi all! I'm a new member, saw the comm on the spotlight page and couldn't resist :) I've always loved working with crafts, and would love to hone my still pretty newbie skills into something that actually produces worthwhile stuff ^_^

I'm currently in the process of teaching myself crochet, and picked up the chain, slip stitch, and single crochet last night. I'm learning the half double right now, and will hopefully move onto the other stitches tonight. My question is, does anyone have any tips? Any secrets of the trade? My biggest problem so far is learning to tell the chains apart, and my left hand gets cramped sometimes from holding the string. I know that last bit will get better with time though. Also, any favorite patterns that would be great for beginners to practice on?

The other question I had was on sewing machines. I happened to mention to the boyfriend last night that I almost bought the stuff to make a throw out of Green Bay material, but the size would have taken me forever to hand stitch. That resulted in a whole planning session on where best to put the machine, and would I actually use it, and you get the general idea :D I've worked with sewing machines when I was younger - my grandmother taught me sewing, knitting, and basic crafts, and I grew up on her antique sewing machine - but the new ones completely mystify me. Any recommendations for good brands, best prices, what kind of thread I need, should I buy a kit to go with the machine? Basically, what would you do, if you were going out to buy a sewing machine?

TIA, crafters, for any and all advice and suggestions! I'm very excited about the crochet, I've knitted for some time now but have always been drawn to crochet, and the idea of making my own blankets is beyond cool :)

ETA: THANK YOU so much to everyone for the incredibly helpful tips and suggestions, on both the sewing machines and crocheting. I've learned a ton from this post, and I'm just getting started. Y'all rock!! :)
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Wow! Thank goodness the summer is over. I haven't had much time to myself - which means no time to crochet. With my children being home all day, I was only able to accomplish one project this summer:

A 64" black & white eye boggling round spiral afghan that I am ridiculously proud of.

My daughter loves Tim Burton movies and she watched a lot of them over the summer - hence where I got my inspiration :P

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Hi! I'm Kathryn, and I love all kinds of crafts, but my favorite is crochet!
I learned how to crochet years ago, but have only really been making things in the last two years. I'm working on lots of different projects right now, and not just crochet either. I also love to draw and sculpt (not really crafts, so I won't be posting that here). Anyway, here are a few of the things I've made recently.
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I said I wouldn't dress up my pets, but I couldn't resist. I mean really, what's cuter than a cat in a sweater? Plus, if it snows this winter my cat can keep warm and will be able to stay outside longer. 

Anyhow, I found this great dusty rose colored yarn at a thrift store. I have no idea what its composition is, but I'm guessing that it's all acrylic or an acrylic blend. I got the pattern here <http://fashion.velvetkerfuffle.net/?p=738>

This is my first attempt and I did make an error. I accidentally added a couple of stitches just as I was starting the body (pattern starts at the ribbed turtle neck). The result was a dome effect which sits right at the base of the neck. On the bright side, if my cat ever develops a hunchback she can still wear her sweater! 

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i have a few more critters planned, but here's what i've got so far!

my own creation, two Little Ghosties:

of course you have to have candy corn, cauldrons, and black cats....

and a witch. she really is little!

oh, those placemats on the table? they're there year round. ;)

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I'm back up and running, crocheting my little life away. I probably should've started early-Summer, but better late than never. Breaking out my crochet hooks reminds me so much of Fall and Winter, I'm catching some type of longing for cool-weather & the crafts that go along with it.

I made this hat for a close friend; I made Jordan channel his inner Deadmau5 to get the vibe for the photos ;)

Questions or comments, email me at jerricajaneen@gmail.com
Deadmau5 Hat:


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Hi Everyone! This is my first post here. I've really been enjoying checking out everyone's  talents in this community! I learned to crochet about 2 years ago and so I thought I'd share this blanket I just finished for my niece. I used sheep(ish) yarn (my new favorite yarn ever!) and a simple double crochet ripple stitch.

Anyway, I'm giving it to her tomorrow and I hope she likes it!
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A friend asked me to crochet some hearts for them, for some promo work. So I thought I'd share.

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Hello. This is my first post to this community. I do lots of different crafts, but lately I have been crocheting sea creatures. These are Sea Horse I made over the weekend. I don't use patterns I just do it freehand.

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i made this for my friend F, since she loves Hello Kitty and purple:

she was very surprised when i gave it to her, since she had no idea i was even making it for her. =D

my friend J asked me to make her four kitties:

also posted to [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet
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also posted at [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet
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Can someone explain to me what they mean here, when they say "double crochet/single crochet" and "treble crochet/double crochet"?

I'm not at ALL used to following diagrams, and the / isn't helping me any. Does that mean double crochet OR single crochet, depending on pattern? In which case, it's not very helpful. I'm so confused. Does it just mean you have the option of picking which you'd like to do for a different look?

Didn't notice the explanation at the top of the page. Heh.

Now I have another question. For example, in this pattern, what do the lines with numbers next to them mean? Like, the curved lines with 2s and 3s below them.

What do things circled in red mean?
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Howdy folks :)

I've been keeping most of my crochet crafts to [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet, but in light of the contest and the fact that maybe a few of my fellow hookers are here and not there, I thought I'd share my summer tote pattern.

I'm really digging these hobo-shaped bags that are so popular right now with crocheted totes, and wanted a summer bag with a nautical feel so I created this pattern.

Hey, Sailor!

*note* You could totally change this into an old-glory inspired tote with a (few) star applique(s)! It only took me a few days to complete so you could absolutely have it done in time for the 4th of July!

This is a free pattern/tutorial for the Beginner to Intermediate crocheter and it's available on my lj if you want to give it a try! I tried my best to explain the cable detailing but feel free to drop me a line if you get confused and I'll do my best to explain!

Want to make your own? Follow me ... All aboard!

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there's a lot of stuff behind the cuts!

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Flutterby )
el Stinko the Skunk )
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these have been xposted at my own journal and [livejournal.com profile] crochetcrochet.
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