Jun. 12th, 2012

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I put this together yesterday using a coat hanger for the base of the wreath, a glue gun, and a mixed bag of greenery from my favourite place - the dollar store. I used a clay pot I had on hand, and cut a foam oasis to fit inside, which anchors the coat hanger. A ribbon scavenged from a pair of cargo pants was wrapped and tied around the pot to finish it off.
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boo card dad
This is my 2012 Father's Day Card for my dad.  I used Microsoft Publisher to pull in graphics of things that remind me of him.  It's fun to work in Publisher.  Lots of cool pictures to choose from to personalize a card.
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Hi! Remember me? I was the one who posted a month or so ago who was taking the jewelry class, well,
This is what I've done outside of the classroom )
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Totally new here, and I feel a bit weird posting something so simple, but hopefully it's cute.

I made this necklace for my 4 year old niece's dance recital as a little gift of congratulations.

Peyton's necklace

Directions behind the cut )
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Hey there!
Another little project I did this w/e. My notebook definitely needed a new look:


You'll find the link to the tutorial I followed and more pictures >> here << :)


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