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Hi people!
I decided to give my own contribution to the Halloween craftiness with some stuff I made time (and time) ago but never published properly. Here is a little preview of what is going to come:
I started with treats bags! Stop by to read more about them:
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Marco Polo the cat likes to help model the crochet...

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I'm most known for my Tree of Life pendants and one of my most popular has been something a little different; my Halloween Moon tree. This bare-branches piece features an orange moon peaking out from behind black wire trunk and branches. Recently, I made two additional versions - one in silver with a white moon and one in silver with a blue moon. This rounds out a full moon "trilogy" if you will. I love how they look.

So, for the contest, I thought I'd share my tree trilogy with the group. :)

Once In A Blue Moon + Under A Full Moon + Under A Halloween Moon
(click image for larger version)

Thoughts welcome!

Edit to add: More info on them can be found on my blog HERE.


Oct. 26th, 2010 09:01 pm
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hey crafty grrls. i'm being leela from futurama for halloween and having a hard time making the cyclops eye. do you girls have any ideas? thanks in advance!!! =)
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Alright, Halloween is around the corner, and I am a huge procrastonator on my costume.
I've finally figured out what I want to do, and since I'm in a time crunch, I need to figure out how to go about doing it.
So I ask for your help/ideas.

I want to be ON FIRE for Halloween. I don't want to be fire. I want to be ON FIRE, without actually being on fire...

So I was thinking of putting some burn marks on some old clothes, and attaching flames. Problem is, I don't want felt flames... I want it to look as realistic as possible, without someone throwing water on me of course.

So what are your suggestions on this? I'm terrible at sewing, and my friend who is actually capable of doing such things lives in a different state now. So, anything not requiring sewing, or requiring very little sewing is best.

I've googled for pictures, but all I've found is people being fire or firemen or devils, so its not helping me.

Thanks in advance!
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I love Halloween. This is a tutorial I made for Halloween paper lanterns. The tutorial can be found here:


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This Halloween i'm being un creative and wearing the same costume i wore last year.

my Max (from where the wild things are) Costume
the problem is that i have worn it after Halloween and the ears got droopy so i need to make his crown, anyone have any tutorials or links on how to make a good sturdy fabric or felt crown?

in case you don't know who I'm talking about here is a picture

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I got pretty much all my craft stuff packed up in bags and boxes awaiting a new craft space (hopefully a slightly more organized one) so I have to stick to the 'easy' crafts right now. I'm not really sure what to do with them though? Any ideas?


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I saved the pattern I dreamed up so if anyone wants it I'll put it up in my journal. :0)
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it's weird how i got the inspiration for this, but i've been collecting materials for months and finally sat down last week and started putting it all together.

basically, i etched little spirits on glass bottles with etching cream and stencils and then created magical charms out of polymer clay and strung them on a ribbon with some pretty vintage glass beads and swarovski crystals and wrapped the ribbons around the bottles' necks.

it was a ton of fun. i LOVE polymer clay and beads. i made five bottles total, each one with a different color scheme: blue, green, orange, purple & red. i've included the descriptions i put on etsy cos i had a lot of fun writing those.

i would really appreciate you darlings' opinions.


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Little Bat

Oct. 20th, 2008 02:33 pm
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I got a bunch of balloons from the homecoming parade my town had a week or so back . After the balloons died I kept the ribbons thinking I'd make something from them. So yesterday I sat down and freehanded a crochet bat out of them. I love recycling. :P I think it took me about 2 hours to make and put together. It wouldn't have taken quite as long, but I was watching True Blood and TV watching tends to slow me down a bit.


I put him on my Halloween wreath for the moment. I don't think that will be his permanent home, but it works for now.

You can also see these pics and a couple more if you have a Ravelry account by clicking here.

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Oct. 17th, 2008 03:35 pm
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My dog really wants to be a bumble bee for Halloween. She told me. The problem with premade dog costumes is that they're a little pricey and that they never fit just perfectly. This results in my dog ripping them off and carrying them to some secret location in an attempt to eat them.

So I designed her very own bee costume.

Come take a look! )

I love Halloween, and I'm feeling a little giving. I think everyone deserves a fun Halloween costume, so I wrote a little tutorial (complete with illustrations drawn on paintbrush!) on how to alter my basic design so it fits your furry friend flawlessly.

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