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My daughter had a wrap circle skirt made for me when she was in Ghana, and I wear it a lot.  Even though I don't know much  of anything about sewing, after several hours of googling "wrap skirt" and "circle skirt"  I convinced myself to try making a copy of it. 


The original is on the top.  I made the one on the left with a curtain I found at the Goodwill store for $1.99.  I just pinned the original to the curtain, cut it out and hemmed it.  Its folded in half in the picture.  There wasn't quite enough material to make it as long as the original, so I couldn't cut out the hem exactly.  It became very complicated until I realized that I could live with a slightly uneven hem.  I was encouraged and rushed off to buy more fabric, but found that fabric is not typically available at $1.99 for four yards.  So I went back to the thrift stores and found a new skirt from Salvation Army that was pricy at $6.99, but almost what I wanted.  It was a regular skirt with a panel of fabric added to make it look like a wrap. I undid the seams on the panel and sewed it on the the width of the skirt.  It is a straight skirt, not a circle, but has enough room to walk. 

Edit:  I forgot to add my question!  I found a king size flat sheet at the Salvation Army for $3.99 and thought it would be enough to make another skirt.  Anything wrong with using sheet fabric to make a skirt?  It seems heavy enough not to be see-through.                                                                                                                                                      



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