Jan. 26th, 2012

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I'm starting work on an easter basket full of goodies for my sister and want to make sure I haven't missed any of the must have items.

Here's what I have on my "to craft" list:

Felt (or felted) food items:
1.  Marshmallow peeps and chicks
2.  Chocolate bunny
3.  Jelly beans
4.  Easter eggs
5.  Little wrapped candies

Non-food items
1.  Bunnies
2.  Chicks
3.  Lamb
(and if I'm super ambitious, the basket--but I'm not holding myself to that one)

What am I missing?  What are your must have easter items?

(and any extra tips on wet felting is appreciated--I'm trying my hand at it for the first time for this project)
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Hello there,

This is my first time posting in a comm, so be good to me *bows*... my name is Angela and i love yarn and crocheting with it lol

So, i'm in a valentine exchange, it's my first time being in one of this "games", as i said it's because of valentines and i have very few ideas of what to give:
  • rose rings
  • a bear-amigurumi i saw somewhere... a bear with globes xD but i'll change the pattern and add it heart-shape globes xDDD ♥

only those xDDD maybe something made of felt or clay! but i don't have more ideas, help please?
also, this person is mmh kind of in love with turtles, loves coffee and fashion... HELP PLEASE ;A;

Take in consideration that i have to send a package to her (this person is a her :D i'm in Peru and she's in Singapore), and i can't send perfumes or food xD i want to make a necklace but i haven't seen any tutorial about it.


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