Apr. 20th, 2012

hair ties

Apr. 20th, 2012 12:46 am
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So lately I have seen elastic band hair ties that are simply a piece of elastic band knotted into a loop. They would be ridiculously easy to make myself, except I can only find plain white elastic at all of the craft shops near me. I know I could just die some, but really I don't want to have to go through all of the work to do it. So craftgrrl I come seeking your knowledge of where to buy colored/ patterned elastic to make hair ties similar to these: http://www.lilblueboo.com/2011/08/jar-o-elastic-hair-bands.html
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Recently I have been back with my needle felting. So here is some photos! I purple&turqoise needle felted butterfly, pink and purple butterfly. There is also a real pearl and needle felted necklace with 3D felt balls with a heart pattern and cobwebs on it. And the black necklace is needle felted balls, with hand beeading on it and a leopard print ribbon strap. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Got plently more stuff to post so keep a look out for me :)

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More of my needle felted jewellery. Here is a selection of dragonfly brooches. I love making these because they make my day feel that bit brighter. Hope you all enjoy my pictures :) !

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i don't know how to sew. i have a machine but am afraid of it.
so i had sew

i'm volunteering for a thing in the summer so i have handsewn 3 aprons for it.

this is one

waistband pinned

this is another


and then i quicknit a super kerchief for my girls camping weekend

new hat

and today i'm cutting up a freeboxed sweater for socks

hack ma sweater

no idea what i'm doing, totally winging it and loving it so far
this above is made from the arm but i want a good over the knee pair...that'll have to come from the body of the sweater.

spring rocks
happy weekend!
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Hi guys~ ^__^ It's been a while no?

I finally decided to give myself a kick start in terms of jewelry making again. The result? A very varied outcome from wrapping crystals, to stone, to glass, to trees~

Take a look? 8D

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Spring also seems to strike me in a crystal whim, so stay tuned as I work on mini-crystal trees and other adventure with the shiny material! 8D


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