Jul. 7th, 2012

Bat Plush

Jul. 7th, 2012 04:37 pm
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I hope it's not too soon to show off a new plush pattern I made


When I was letting a friend borrow my sewing machine I took the time to draw a bunch o ideas for new plush. This bat was the first one I made. I'm most proud of how I figured out to do the wings. Also, it's really hard to sew together that tiny body when the legs and wings are all all stuffed inside it! So fun to turn out and see the finished product every time though.
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A couple of questions

I am looking at producing some Victorian-esque postcards/ photos prints/ maybe canvasses as well as fundraising for my theatre group. This is in the UK by the way so referrals to USA legislation arent really the most helpful.

Antique photo copyright question.
Now we will be posing our members (costumed etc) on location in historical parts of our town for some of them, but I also have some original old Victorian photos which we found in a box of sheet music we were given, and we were wondering how we would stand legally with scanning them and making them into postcards for sale. We dont know who the people in them are (nor do the people who gave them to us), but I did a lot of research on the studio, which I found went bust and vanished in 1901.
Is copyright lapsed on them? Would we get in a pickle for using them, or not?

Techincal Question With Regards To Producing Postcards
We are looking at printing our postcards 4 to a sheet at the local print shop in town as my printer wont take much over 100gsm paper. Is 280gsm about right for postcard weight card? (if not what is the right card weight?)

Thanks ever so much.


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