Aug. 14th, 2012

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Hi everyone.

I've just started picking up a hook, and have the stitch 'n' b(don't want to post possibly offensive word), plus a ravelry account.
And yet, and yet, I am struggling. I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, in which direction should you wrap the thread to prepare for a double and triple crochet? And how do you stop if from just unraveling? (I'm using US terms here).

Secondly, I'm working on this

and I'm stumped - do I work the dc stitches into the one chain stitch? Or does it mean to put them into the same stitch, or just into the chain?

One final question - how do you stop the stitches from being too tight and unworkable?
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Inspired by a photo she saw, a close friend of mine asked me to customize a shirt for her. The picture consisted of a shirt with an open panel centered down the back, held together with strips of fabric (pinched in the center to create the look of a bow). She left the colors and details to me, but she explained that she preferred it to be a crop top and have the "bows" closer to the top.

It was a simple DIY project, as I already had a beige crop top I never wore from H & M and old ivory lace curtains, and there was minimal sewing. See the end product:

Side view:


See the full BACK view here :) )


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