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I’ve wanted a nice pair of retro high-waisted shorts for some time now. I found a pair while thrifting last night and decided to DIY! This tutorial also works well with other styles of denim shorts. 

Items you will need: A pair of shorts, scissors, sand paper, lace (the material I am using is an old curtain), a needle and thread.

First, cut the hem off of the shorts. This is a good time to adjust the length of the shorts. You can easily turn an old pair of jeans or long Bermuda-style shorts into some flirty Daisy Dukes!

Second, use the sand paper to rough up and distress the freshly cut hem. Fraying is fine, it’s even encouraged!

Next, cut long strips of the lace in any desired width (include an extra 5/8’’ for attaching them to the inside of the shorts). For my style, it is fine that the lace will have an unfinished hem, it will fringe and fray, adding to the character of the shorts. Pin this to the underside of the shorts, all the way around the hem. My sister, Jolene, did her own version of this DIY and she only put lace on the front half of the shorts; proving this step is very customizable.

Finally, hand-sew the lace to the shorts. Viola! Jolene plans on pairing hers with a white tuxedo shirt. How do you plan on styling yours?


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