Jan. 28th, 2012

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This is a collection of stuff I've made this month. Mostly crochet items, but there's other stuff too.

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Honestly, this is a lot of stuff for me to finish, especially in a month. I'm terrible with starting something and putting it aside to start something else. I still have a ton of WIPs though. I guess the excitement of crafting for a new puppy helped kick my butt into gear. :)

Thanks for looking!
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I recently started making roses out of paper as practice because I'd like my bridesmaids' bouquets to be made out of them. Everyone seemed to like them so I made them on bobby pins so they could be worn as hair things. Here's a few I've made:

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I have this very nice vintage looking paper that all of the wedding roses will be made from. I've even decided to decorate with them. I'm not using real flowers because of cost and family allergies. My bouquet will be made of brooches. There will also be a lot of old lace at the wedding. I love the pretty, feminine, vintage look. My question for you is: Do you have any ideas for flowers I could make besides the paper roses? Like maybe some sort of way to make flowers from lace? Or perhaps another material that could be utilized that would fit well with the theme?
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I finished knitting this cardigan last night, I am so jazzed about this one. )
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I love looking at the designs of various different kitty condos that are sold in pet supply stores. And usually, taller is "better," if only judging by what's also more interesting. I mean, a simple round, one-level covered in carpet is little more than a hard-framed "princess bed" with one way in or out, and not high enough off the ground to get interesting.

Of course high enough to get interesting also means you have to keep it away from places your feline companion may wish to climb/jump onto from their condo...

Supplies needed for this condo:
two complete and relatively clean banana boxes
a sharp blade for cutting

I won't go into detail as to why I was discouraged from using "just any old boxes" for my project. Let's just say that since she'd been biting off (but not eating!) bits of the first play box I gave her, it was suggested I only use ones food came in. And banana boxes are not only very strong (the bottom halves are, not the lids), but you can be certain that the local seller will have more than one to get rid of daily.

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If you try something like this, I'd love to see it...


Jan. 28th, 2012 08:41 pm
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Thank you all for the lovely support. I'd like so show some other crochet items I've made during the past couple of months.

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