Feb. 2nd, 2012

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At the prompting of my sister (who makes groundhog ginger bread cookies every year for her co-workers) I whipped up this cute little felt ground hog.

Here's the pattern (and you can see more pics over at my journal--including one of him in a dapper little top hat!).  I'm working on a full tutorial for the pattern but it's slow going (hopefully be done in a few days).  (and it's my first time making a pattern and sharing it, so if something is wonky just give me a yell--it's a very simple pattern so I figure most folks can figure it out).

Happy Groundhog Day!
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previously (here and over in my LJ) i'd posted a picture of a totebag i'd crocheted. a friend (S) commented something about a kindle cover.... and an idea was born. under the cut are pictures of her kindle cover (that i'll be sending to her tomorrow) as well as a pair of slippers i made (from the same yarn) for a different friend of mine (F). i hope she comes over soon to try them on to make sure they fit, as they were a surprise. =)

pics back here )

also, i'm thinking of making another LJ for my crochet crafts, so if you see my icon but a different name, that's still me. it'll have the name "trys" in it somewhere, so it's recognizable.
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Do I need to seal paperclay after I've painted it? Or can I just leave it as is?


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