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Feb. 25th, 2012 06:01 am
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Hey guys!

Craftgrrl has both a facebook and a twitter

I know what I'm doing with the FB. It'll eventually be used for giveaways (go like it and stay tuned if you're down for that) but twitter I'm not sure what I'm doing with the twitter..

So if you are on twitter (and presumably following us) what would you like to see come out of the craftgrrl twitter? Tweets of non-f locked posts from here? Interesting blasts from the craftgrrl pasts? Neat crafts and tutorials I find on the internets? All of the above? Something else? Leave me a comment yo!
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So have any of you all heard of /seen mardi gras indians? I think they're pretty neat and seeing them is one of my favorite things to do during carnival.

What does this have to do with crafts you ask? The beautiful costumes they wear are completely hand made by them and they are made over the course of a year.

Check it out!

PS Mardi Gras Indians dress out to pay homage to the Native Americans who housed and accepted escaped slaves. Many of members of the Mardi Gras Indian "gangs" are also members of the local choctaw and houma tribes. No disrespect upon the native peoples is intended.
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Here are a few new designs of lentil shaped beads. I still think the lentil is my most favorite shape. These are handmade lampwork glass beads, made by me. They aren't actually finished jewelry pieces, just temporarily strung together for the photos. Thanks for looking!

cut for pictures )


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