Mar. 1st, 2012

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I have a quick question about yarn. Several days ago I posted a crocheted bag I made over the weekend, and now I have some concerns. While I'm not new to knitting or crocheting or even yarn in general, I use this purse daily and so I've noticed that the yarn of it gets a little fuzzy/frays. Is there anyway of preventing this? Like some sort of solution to spritz on yarn to make it not get all fuzzy wuzzy? I believe it's 100 % acrylic yarn.


Mar. 1st, 2012 04:58 pm
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I have finally finished a knitting project! I am awful at finishing things, because I run out of yarn, or forget how to purl, or lose the entire project. In this case I did run out of yarn, but thanks to some help here I managed to track it down again :D

I found this pattern online, from a site that encourages crafting winter items for homeless people and, I have to say, I think it's a winner. This particular one will probably weight a tonne when it's wet, but it's warm, easy to make, and I think using a thinner wool would make it a bit more practical (I can fit this one in my work bag if I take everything else out).

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I have to say, taking this photo has given me a new appreciation for those of you who manage to have lovely photos. My webcam doesn't have a timer and my partner was not especially interested in modeling it for me. I'll have to learn to take a camera to my knit 'n' bitch sessions.
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I'm starting to nose around for a source for nickel-free silver -- raw, wire, and findings.  I took lapidary & silvercrafting lessons in my teens, but have done almost nothing since my teacher retired. 

We're house-hunting so I may have enough space to set up a workspace within a year or so.  But in the years (decades? GULP) since I last soldered any wire, I've developed a reaction to most of my costume & silver jewelry.   I even have trouble with surgical steel earrings!

I'm not going to be _learning_ on 14k gold...  Does anyone have a source for nickel-free silver?  Are there any craftable metals that are nickel-fre other than silver & gold? 


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