Mar. 23rd, 2012

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This week I've added a few new designs to my repertoire. Simple etched organic rounds with silvered ivory. They are acid etched to a soft matte finish. All handmade lampwork glass beads (made by me of course!)

cut for pics )
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So I found a post on Ravlery that led me to this Craftsy blog:

This is a little girl in Tennessee who learned how to quilt, and is setting up a charity to make and distribute quilts for needy kids. According to an article I found in her local paper, the plan is that they will be distributed by first responders to kids who have experienced car wrecks, house fires, and other such trauma.  Only problem is, Grandma is on a fixed income, and the fabric stash is limited.  There's an address listed at the bottom of the Craftsy page where you can send fabric scraps and other quilting materials for Maddie.  Further down in the comments, her grandmother lists fabric stores that are in their area (should you prefer to send gift cards) as well as Maddie's e-mail, should you want to drop her a note.

I post this because I think it's wonderful to see a small kid who loves crafts so much, and who is giving away her hard work to help the less fortunate. And I think that as crafters, as well as kind human beings, this is something we ought to celebrate and support however we can, be it by donations of materials, or just by kind words of encouragement.
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Holy Crap.... After almost 2 years it's finally finished. *sighs happily*

The Last progress picture.

I should have sewn it, or knitted it, or made it out of paper. I should have done anything but crocheted it. However since that was all I knew how to do when I started it, that's what I did:) I will never make another one.

This is from the video game Portal 

The finished cube under a cut to save your friend's page:) )

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I realize this is an extremely long shot, but I'm trying to find a particular fabric that seems to have only been sold at Joann Fabric. They used it for a display dress in two different stores, but apparently the fabric itself has been discontinued! Of course, I didn't find this out until my mom and I had fallen in love with the store sample. I had planned to surprise her with a dress like the one on display, but of course, I can't begin until I find appropriate fabric.

This is the fabric in question. )

Anyone know where I might be able to find more of this fabric or, failing that, something very similar? I've tried everywhere that I can think of, including two different Joann stores, the Joann website, Amazon, Etsy (supplies and clothing made from linen blends) and with no luck. I've found several pretty linen blends, they just aren't what I'm looking to use for this particular project.

Please help me, craftgrrl; you're my only hope!


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