May. 2nd, 2012

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I've looked at "Spin Pins" for years now, contemplating the design and how... well, PLAIN they are. Thought about buying some of theirs and how I'd improve them. Then I saw another type, where instead of two wires spinning into your hair, it's only one spiral, with a sparkly gem at the center. For whatever reason, this made me realize that I could =try= using the 16 gage copper wire and a set of bailing pliers to test my thought. It was plain, my test piece, but gave me the confidence to try something more... attractive.

Click photo for the link to the FB album, giving more photos and details.

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Hey guys I've been thinking (uhoh!)..

What do you all think about having a weekly or monthly off topic post? We could also have a post where we allow adverts in the comments. I'm seeing a lot of communities do this and I think it might be fun and give an outlet for those of use who make stuff to sell to show our wares.

Are ya'll down for that? Like/dislike?
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I've scoured the internet and not come up with anything - I was hoping maybe someone here could help! If this type of question isn't appropriate for the community, I'm sorry and please remove my post. :)

My grandmother makes plastic canvas alphabet baby blocks from a pattern she got in the early '70s. She has made these blocks for every grandkid and is now working on the great grandkids! Everyone in the family recognizes these particular blocks. She's at an assisted living facility now, and sells the extras she finishes at a bazaar to benefit the residents with activities like arts and crafts and music.

A couple weeks ago she left the pattern out and one of the workers there cleaned up and must have accidentally thrown it away. She was so upset. I told her I'd look online and try to find a replacement pattern, but since it is from the 70's I have been having trouble. Not many out there it seems. I found one on e-crater, but the seller said the pattern sold long ago. I also contacted someone on etsy who makes the same blocks but haven't heard back from her.

I could easily get her a brand new pattern, but this particular design has sentimental value.

This is a link to the pattern I'm looking for:

I know this is a long shot, but if you have this pattern and aren't using it anymore, I'd gladly compensate you for your troubles! If your google-fu is better than mine, any leads would be so appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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Ok, an acquaintance just gave me her entire bead stash, because she is having to move. It is quite a windfall, only the boxes and bags the beads were in were filthy.  I have transferred the beads to new bags, but most of the beads seem to have picked up the smell. Is dish soap and water the way to go? Or should I use a solution of baking soda or borax? My mind is a little boggled.
Thanks in advance for the help!


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