Jul. 6th, 2012

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I stumbled across a page that has various DIY's and because I'm a huge Kirby fan, they have a print and cut out page.

I made it and it's now sitting on my desk! haha.

Hope you enjoy! ^^
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Hello. My name is Katherine and I have an unhealthy addiction to paper. It's been a month since my last paper purchase. But... I've already impulsively bought more cute paper than I really have projects for. I should never have to buy another greeting card or gift wrap because I'm up to my elbows in colorful cardstock. If I ever have kids, they would be set for most of their school art projects, Valentine's cards, and the like through graduation. Literally.

These are my recent projects:

Please excuse the mess!

+3 close-ups )

So... any suggestions for stash-busting paper? Besides greeting cards/books and dollhouse accoutrement (I made a doll-house book a long time ago... I don't remember if I ever posted about it, but if I didn't the video is here).


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