Jul. 13th, 2012

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Meet the Elphies:

Elphie is a 4 year old toy poodle that we adopted from a rescue organization about 5 months ago. I have totally fallen in love with her (she is so super sweet, even though she has had a tough life and a difficult beginning in our household), and last night I suddenly got the idea to make myself an Elphie pendant. As I usually do with new design ideas, I used copper wire before recreating the final piece in sterling (which I will eventually oxidize to match Elphie's gray fur). The stones here are carnelian and black spinel. I like the faceted spinel for the nose because it looks wet. When I make this in silver, I'm going to use smooth round and slightly smaller black beads. I'm also going to make her ears a little shorter:

Better pictures of pendant, and Miss Elphaba's wire wrapped broomstick, behind the cut )

I'm pretty happy with the way this piece turned out, but not so happy with the quality of pictures I was able to get of it with Elphie. This is because whenever my hands go anywhere near her (which I have to do to take her picture) she must lick them or be pet by them while wiggling in delight. It took about 30 tries, but I finally got one only relatively blurry. :)


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