Sep. 16th, 2012

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...But I am having difficultly deciding what george should be. See, I want to make a felted critter thats cuddly and fluffy and generally adorable, but I cant pick. A rabbit? Sheep? Kitten? Nrrrrrg. To many choices!

Edit: So, based on suggestions I've drafted up two designs.

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Made a new black light painting of space for ym cousin's dorm room. SPAACCCEEEE. This is it with the black light on it. It's hard to capture it right in pictures.
space painting

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So, with Christmas not being far away (100 SLEEP'S PEOPLE!) i've desided to make homemade/personal gifts this year. So fair i've made Microwave Heating Pad's, Fabric Frame's and Teacup Candle's
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So I have a wide variety of types of crafts under my belt, but one thing I've always wanted to do was general molding and being able to reproduce one object. I also happened to love the glitter pendants in resin and wanted to do that at some point as well. Well this weekend I have been taking the plunge and starting to invest some time and money into a new craft... always a big production! I'm so excited about it though, I've already made and reproduced two molds so far.


These are all made out of resin that was cast from original sculpts I made with fimo. Then I painted them with acrylic paint, the yoko skull has been glazed with clear nail polish though I may use other things as glaze in the future. The yoko skull I'll be making into a hair clip a la the character's accessory and the dekus... well I'd like to make them pendants for a necklace and/or just an interesting little bauble you could hang from the wall. Anyway Im having super fun with the resin, I'm sure to run out of this stuff soon with how eager I am to play with it XD


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