Sep. 27th, 2012

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This is my first successful attempt at designing a hand-knitted hat and I'm so proud of it. :)

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This craft project is so awesome and I'd love to do it.  However, without writing instructions or any kind of pattern that I could trace, I'm at a loss.  I don't own a protractor so it makes it even harder to do.  Does anyone have any english instructions?  Or will be willing to do some kind of pattern?
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My best friend just bought her first house and I want to make her a welcome sign. She really likes skunks and I thought it'd be cute to make her a sign with a skunk walking along and the word "Welcome" trailing along as puffs of smoke. Of course it's a joke about a skunk's smell but she'll love it.

Problem is, I don't have any cross stitch skunk patterns and the only ones I can find online are either too cutesy or not well done. I don't have a program to convert pictures to cross stitch patterns either. Has anyone seen or know where I can get a decent skunk pattern? The skunk can be sitting, standing, or walking.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Well hello there my lovely crafty ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted my fused dichroic glass pendants, so I have a few to share. The first one is a customized space pendant set into silver that I made for one of our own dear members. Also, for those of you who have been asking about the space shoes, I promise I haven't forgotten!

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