May. 20th, 2012

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I've replied to a few posts here and have been lurking for a while, but now I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have recently planted several fruit trees, some with three different varieties grafted to the same main branch. Because of these 'franken-trees', as I call them, I'm wanting to make some sort of label or sign that I can hang from them so that I know what each are growing.  Right now I have the little tags that the nursery puts on them, but I don't like that in the long run.  I want something that will not wrap itself around the branch from which it hangs, and will not get entangled into the others signs/labels. I thought of wire - go from one corner of the label to the other loosely and hanging off the branch - but that leaves me with the label itself.  Any ideas of anything that would hold up to sun, heat, wind and water for many years?
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Got this little box at Goodwill and knew it would make a cute steampunk trinket box. I used my fave scrapbook papers and some cute embellishments.


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I made this for a swap on Craftster and was really pleased with how it came out. :)

I used a combination of card stock and scrapbook paper. The card stock butterflies I folded to bring their wings up, as if in flight. Some of the scrapbook ones I doubled, putting one directly on top of another to give it a 3D effect. Because of the depth of the shadowbox frame, there’s plenty of room for them to “flutter” their wings.

It’s a fun take on a traditional specimen or botanical print. No butterflies are harmed in the making of this one!

(You can see larger versions of the pics here on my blog.)


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