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Yesterday, I finished my first wiring project :) I made chain maille bracelet with pearls beads. I made it from scratch :)

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I hope this is ok to share. I've never won a contest like this and I'm just very excited about it and wanted to share my excitement with other crafty folk.

Artbeads had a "Jewelry Design Star" contest - and I won! My "Halloween Moon" tree of life pendant was the winner among all the entries. There's a feature about me on their website that was published today.

Here's a screenshot:

I'm a big ball of hyper right now because of it.
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So I finally did it; I finished my first (and probably only ever) solid 18k gold moon tree pendant!

I hope that the gold market falls drastically (and soon) because a) it will mean that our economy is doing well, and b) I will get to play with more yummy buttery 18k gold wire! There's really no other wire that feels like it. I've had this wire sitting around for a couple of years, feeling scared of it and looking for just the right stone/s to use with it. Then, on 7/7, this rainbow moonstone called out to me. Do you see the little 7 in the stone? I like the number 7.

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I've been doing some more trees in my "Full Moon" series lately. Especially ones that are unique, or one-off versions in a variety of materials and colors.


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I'm working on a few more unique variations right now as well! Trees have always been my favorite and it's why I've made them for so many years.
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various wire wrapped key pendant necklaces
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I'm most known for my Tree of Life pendants and one of my most popular has been something a little different; my Halloween Moon tree. This bare-branches piece features an orange moon peaking out from behind black wire trunk and branches. Recently, I made two additional versions - one in silver with a white moon and one in silver with a blue moon. This rounds out a full moon "trilogy" if you will. I love how they look.

So, for the contest, I thought I'd share my tree trilogy with the group. :)

Once In A Blue Moon + Under A Full Moon + Under A Halloween Moon
(click image for larger version)

Thoughts welcome!

Edit to add: More info on them can be found on my blog HERE.
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The last couple of weeks I've been doing a lot of beading again. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of in-progress shots for these, or I'd do a tutorial. I may wind up making a bunch more so that I can do one, 'cause these are so much fuuuuuuun. This entry is VERY image-heavy.

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Hi everyone! I finally have the chance to ask your all-powerful knowledge. 

I recently bought a 80 inch string of cultured freshwater pearls that my mother wants me to convert into one double-stranded choker necklace and one single strand of pearls. The strand of pearls that I got is meant to be worn as a looping necklace and has spacer knots between every pearl. My question is this: Is having a spacer knot between each pearl something that's necessary to protect the pearls or can I just string them next to each other? Frankly, I'd rather not have to figure out how to make tiny, evenly spaced knots and that's a pain in the pattotey. 

Also, a secondary question is what I should use for string. I can either get wire or nylon string. I'm more comfortable with wire because I know that I can attach the necessary findings and they won't fall off for sure, and while string is a little more slippery and therefore a little less secure in my eyes, it just seems like it would be a little more....idk "elegant'? Any ideas on how to make secure knots with nylon string that won't come undone? 

Thank you much! I'll make sure to keep you guys posted once everything is done. :))
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And I'm back with the promised trees! =)

A project I've been working on during my spring break :3

A full dozen mini-mini trees, they average about 26mm diameter circles, for a very glittery forest of my own. The trees are all made of copper wiring and crystals. (I made the panda too but that's slightly irrelevant xD)


A larger/higher resolution of the same image here~

Enjoy <3
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Hi guys~ ^__^ It's been a while no?

I finally decided to give myself a kick start in terms of jewelry making again. The result? A very varied outcome from wrapping crystals, to stone, to glass, to trees~

Take a look? 8D

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Spring also seems to strike me in a crystal whim, so stay tuned as I work on mini-crystal trees and other adventure with the shiny material! 8D
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I'd say it's been about a month since I decided to try wire weaving and now I can't stop. This ring is my favorite. I wear it all the time.

Woven Red Crystal Ring

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Thanks for looking!
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A couple of months ago, I decided to start making my own jewelry displays out of card stock. I was getting ready for my first show, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on displays since I didn't know if it would be successful or not.

I couldn't find a design for an earring display that I liked, so I decided to design my own:

I posted pictures and vowed to post a tutorial if it held up. Unfortunately, it didn't do so hot at the show. The humidity caused it to droop down. However, I really love these for photography, and they'd probably be good for indoor shows. Hence, I am keeping my vow. I'd love any suggestions for making it sturdier, though.

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I've seen this things everywhere being made and sold online. Anyone know of any tutorials of how to make this? It appears to be wire weaving of some sort.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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This is the first of three commissions I got while working at a craft fair a couple weeks ago.

Full shot. It's a bit difficult to see, but that's two jade flowers at the center, with 6mm rose quartz on either side, then 8mm hematite, and 10mm amethyst. The filler beads are just regular shiny black glass.

Close-up picture )

Strung on .019 SoftFlex, with sterling silver findings. I ended up restringing this for him 5 times before he was happy.

All the materials at the center are stones that correspond to particular chakras.
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Next necklace: I found a strand of either 6 or 8mm silver leaf jasper at Beadworks in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA, USA) & picked it up. On the other side of a the store, I found some size 11 seed beads in the perfect shade of gray to perk up the strand. I learned the method of adding seed beads from the now defunct Blue Crystal Beadery (was in Watertown, MA).

While at a friend's place, we were poking through my bead box, looking for a focus bead, when this stone heart-shaped bead just leapt out and said USE ME! We both immediately agreed it was ridiculously perfect. Thus, I suspect that it's actually made of silver leaf jasper as well (I didn't write anything down about it when I bought it, so who knows?) although it looks like it's got more purple in the close-up picture.

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Again, it's strung on .019 SoftFlex sterling silver findings. A headpin is a piece of wire (in this case, silver) with a "head" on the end like a pin you use for sewing. But the tip is blunt, not sharp. It's meant to hold one or more beads for a dangling effect. You bend the top bit into a nice loop to put it on the necklace. Notice that I put 2 seed beads there on the necklace where it's hanging to give it a little breathing room.

I forgot to measure it, but I think it's around 17 or 18" - not a tight choker, but resting pretty high on the neck.
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I just posted 4 pictures in my LJ of two necklaces I made from black onyx and some pretty contrast beads, along with a few details of their construction:


Please let me know what you think!
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Hi [: i'm new here. i made some stuff last month so i figured i'd post one thing tonight.

crystal ball by dreamerdeceiver.
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materials: lacquered commercial origami paper, commercial tiny bells, hand-twisted wire.

Two Leaves

May. 21st, 2009 04:21 pm
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Hi, I'm new here. These are some things that have been hanging around in my studio.

Grant it, they aren't oak leaves, but I had this chapter from A Life in the Woods (better known as Bambi) in mind when I made it. It's been sitting around since autumn of last year but I've only gotten around to photographing it, now. Oops.

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