Jan. 29th, 2012

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I have a few new designs of beads in the lentil shape to share. These are handmade lampwork glass beads that I make in a torch. I use a press to get this particular shape. Thanks for looking :) cut for pics )
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I have been on an absolute craft rampage of late, so this seems like the place to hang out. My favorite formats to work in are fiber and collage (and the occasional marriage of the 2). For years I've been dyeing silk scarves using flowers, vegetables and fruits and scrap metal bits, but after a long period of getting more subtle results than I wanted, I started playing with KoolAid. I overdyed some of the flowers/veggies scarves that were very pale, and also dyed a batch of new silks.

Here are some pictures: )

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects -- I'm sure this will be an inspiring place to hang out!
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Hi all! I'm new to the community, and it's already so exciting looking at the beautiful things you've all been working on. I can tell I'll get a lot of inspiration here! :)

I've only just recently got back into crafting after a long hiatus, but I'm loving it. I come from more of a 2D/illustrative background but I've always loved making things and there's an extra satisfaction in making something cute you can hold in your hands. :) Here's what I've been making lately...

My creations >>> )
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today we surprised a co-worker with a baby shower. because im crafty, i decided to make the gifts i was going to present...and at five am when i was finishing things, i was cursing myself and wondering why i couldnt just go to the store and buy gifts like a normal person...but the ladies' reactions today to my onesies reminded me why i cant. :)

pictures behind the cut! )
thanks for looking!! 


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