Aug. 4th, 2012

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Slightly creepy Sloth-Plushie I made for a friend.
(And please tell me if you want me to put the thumbnails under a cut.)
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I have a necklace that I want to make but I don't have enough of the right colored eye pins or the right colored chain for the look I'm going for (kind of a vintage/aged look).  I was wondering if there was a way to take what I have and age them somehow.

The stuff on the right is what I have to work with (note; it's not's just cheap stuff from walmart) and the stuff on the left is what I want it to look similar to.

So does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do?  Or am I just going to be stuck going and buying new supplies if I want the aged look?
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I spun another batch of roving. It turned out better than all the other wool I've spun. I used Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes" which was advertised as good for beginners. It was great for beginners.

I used my little drop spindle that my sweetie had to jury rig to make it heavy enough to be useful. I found it to be horribly annoying as I got more wool on it. I had to spin it in 2 batches. When it was done, I had 89 yards. I know how much I have because to go around my step stool is 1 yard.

The dog and his toys photo-bombing the wool ;)

The finished yarn, ready to hang dry~ )

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