Sep. 7th, 2012

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Hello! I have watched this wonderful comm pop up on LJ's main page off and on for a while, and since I do occasionally venture into the world of crafting, I finally decided to join.

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether there is such a thing as fake blond hair attached to a sort of backing that could be easily sewn onto a plushie? I have been casually fiddling around with Perry Mason-related crafting ideas for my personal enjoyment (yes ... probably a sentence very rarely strung together) and have made a plushie of District Attorney Hamilton Burger, which I adore (and would be happy to post pictures of when I take some, if anyone's interested). I have been considering also making one of Lieutenant Anderson (one of the two characters played by Wesley Lau in the icon here).

For Hamilton's hair I bought some dark brown mohair and sewed it onto the plushie via the backing. I have been discovering it's easier to find curly-ish hair or fake-fur rather than straight hair. For a plush of Andy, I really don't want to have to resort to sewing or (Heaven forbid) gluing loose pieces of fake hair. Nor do I want yarn or felt or anything like that. I want fake but real-looking blond hair on a backing, if anything like that exists.

I guess if all else fails, I could cut up a blond wig....
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Wow! Thank goodness the summer is over. I haven't had much time to myself - which means no time to crochet. With my children being home all day, I was only able to accomplish one project this summer:

A 64" black & white eye boggling round spiral afghan that I am ridiculously proud of.

My daughter loves Tim Burton movies and she watched a lot of them over the summer - hence where I got my inspiration :P

More photos under the cut… )


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